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A cabana with a grey and white striped covering sits in the sun next to a pool. Enjoying the scenery and resting your body are just two of the activities to do in a cabana like this.

5 Activities to Do in a Cabana

Most people tend to think of a cabana strictly as pool or beach-side convenience. The truth is that there...
SummerSpace Door Canopy over Back Door

How Can I Protect My Back Door From Weather?

Ah, the family home’s back door. Slammed regularly by the kids, opened multiple times per day for the...
Outdoor patio furniture rests under a white pergola. With exposure to the sunlight from above, owners often ask "Can I Add a Shade Screen to My Pergola?"

Can I Add a Shade Screen to My Pergola?

Your pergola adds a lovely, covered space to your yard. But it doesn’t exactly cover you from… everything....
Medium shot of a deck with solar screens hanging from the posts. Screen systems like these are one way you can Create an insect-proof enclosure on your deck.

How to Create an Insect-Proof Enclosure on Your Deck

How often does this happen to you? You’re enjoying an al fresco meal at home with great food and great...
A contemporary building with a white facade and red-orange outdoor living awnings sits in the daylight.

5 Reasons SummerSpace Outdoor Living Awnings Are the Best You Can Buy

As glorious as the outdoors can be, it can also be an intense environment that requires homeowners to...
Close up on a SummerSpace Semi-Cassette Awning made from navy blue fabric with white stripes is fully retracted on a rooftop. Equipment like this is relevant when considering Full Cassette vs. Semi-Cassette vs. Open Awnings

Full Cassette vs. Semi-Cassette vs. Open Awnings

When it comes to retractable awnings, there’s a three-way decision you need to weigh: Full Cassette vs....
Interior shot of a patio with a teal retractable awning facing a body of water at sunset. The right color retractable awning for a home depends on how much light and heat you want to reflect in areas like this.

How to Choose the Right Color Retractable Awning for Your Home

Now that you’ve finally decided to buy a retractable awning for your home, your next objective is to...
What are solar screens?

What are Solar Screens?

Buzzing insects, squinting eyes, and wishes for cooler temperatures. This is a familiar scene for those...


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