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DIY Retractable Awnings Versus Professionally Installed Retractable Awnings

June 7, 2022

A little shopping for a retractable awning reveals that homeowners have two basic options: DIY retractable awnings that ship directly to the consumer for self-installation and professionally installed retractable awnings. You’ll also notice a price difference. What is the difference between a DIY retractable awnings versus professionally installed retractable awnings, and is it worth paying a little more for professional installation? Let us explain the many ways professionally installed retractable awnings by SummerSpace® are far superior.

Custom Fit Retractable Awnings with SummerSpace

A retractable awning that doesn’t fit well will be ineffective at blocking the sun and providing the comfort you’re seeking. DIY retractable awnings come in premade sizes that rarely fit just right. Instead, they can be too small to be effective or too large, giving a clunky look. Alternatively, professionally installed awnings can be customized in size to fit your backyard space. At SummerSpace, our Pro Series and Performance Series can be customized in length to the inch in sizes up to 24- to 26-feet wide.

Although saving some money sounds great when considering installing the awning yourself, there are some big factors to consider. First and foremost is the weight. A retractable awning weighs between 12 lbs and 18 lbs per foot of width. That makes the average 16-foot-wide awning well over 200lbs. Can you lift that 9 feet in the air? Additionally, installation requires properly securing the awning to the structure framing and not just putting in some screws. Finally, the professional installer knows all the details about final adjustments from pitch to motor and control programming and will assure the awning is working to perfection.

High-Quality Craftsmanship with SummerSpace

It’s hard to beat the high-caliber craftsmanship that goes into professionally installed retractable awnings. At SummerSpace, all our retractable awnings are manufactured entirely in the USA at our Maine factory. This allows our team of highly skilled craftsmen and women to oversee every step of the process and ensure excellence in quality. Additionally, from fabric to frame and everything in between, all our products are carefully selected and of premium quality. 

On the other hand, DIY retractable awnings are often assembled offshore and with made with lesser-quality frame materials and fabrics to cut costs. This results in a cheaper quality product and thus a shorter lifespan. 

Stylish Design Options with SummerSpace

With a DIY retractable awning, you have a limited selection in colors and styles to choose from. Additionally, you often get stuck with whatever is in stock at your local big box store or offered online. However, with professionally installed retractable awnings you get to select the style and color that matches your desires and that seamlessly integrates with your home and backyard look. At SummerSpace, choose from an array of beautiful styles and colors. We have over 100 stunning colors, patterns, and textures for you to choose from. Also, select from five powder coating frame colors (four for Performance Series).

Longevity in Use with SummerSpace

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. This is certainly true when it comes to retractable awnings. DIY awnings typically cost less. However, problems often arise quickly, and the shade protection is short-lived, requiring you to buy another shade solution. On the other hand, professionally installed awnings like SummerSpace are built to last. Get years and years of shade and heat protection with our retractable awnings. To back up this claim, all our awnings come with limited frame, fabric, and motor warranties. This includes a 10 to 20-year limited frame warranty, 10-year fabric warranty, and 7-year warranty on the motor.

Get Shade All Day with SummerSpace

A shade product has one job: to provide shade. Often DIY shade awnings can only provide shade if the sun is directly overhead or high in the sky. But then these awnings fail to block the sun when it begins to set or during times of the year when the sun is lower on the horizon. Professionally installed retractable awnings have built-in features to help provide shade and sun protection whenever you need it. For one, some SummerSpace awnings come with Flex-Pitch that allows you to adjust the pitch for the ideal shade angle. You can even adjust a single shoulder if needed. Also, many SummerSpace retractable awnings have an optional drop screen along the front bar for additional shade protection. 

The choice is simple between a DIY retractable awning versus professionally installed retractable awning. Get the most for your money and invest in the excellence of a high-quality, professionally installed retractable awning. To learn more about SummerSpace, contact our amazing customer service team any time. Order your SummerSpace retractable awnings today for superior shade and heat protection! 

DIY Retractable Awnings Versus Professionally-Installed Retractable Awnings

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