Best Shade Options for Your Patio & Deck in 2022

June 7, 2022

Ahhh….That feeling when you first step into the shade after spending time in the sun is thoroughly refreshing. Well timed shade can bring much needed relief in the heat of summer. In fact, an area that is well shaded can feel up to 20 degrees cooler. In the spring and summer, having an outdoor space that is well shaded can create comfort and make your time outdoors more enjoyable. At SummerSpace®, we believe spending time in your backyard space can bring joy, relaxation, and increased connection with loved ones. That is why we want to share some of the best shade options for your patio and deck in 2022. 

Sprawling Plants Can Create Shade on Your Deck or Patio

Outdoor plants are not only beautiful, they can create a considerable shade. Crawling vine plants such as Wisteria or Yellow Jasmine are a lovely addition to any outdoor space. This shade option is perfect if your space is already partially covered, such as with a pergola. If that is not the case, you can add a trellis to your deck or patio to do the job. Similarly, you can plant nearby shade trees to cast cover over your backyard area. Keep in mind, though even with a green thumb, crawling vines and shade trees can take years to grow large enough to create adequate shade for your deck or patio. 

Outdoor Curtains as a Shade Option

If your deck or patio is covered, one shade option available is using outdoor curtains. Outdoor curtains are generally made of sturdy, weather durable material and can be hung between posts or columns. When the sun is creating a glare, draw the curtain closed. Although they can add a beautiful design touch, they can be very challenging to keep clean and they are not very wind tolerant.

SummerSpace FlexShade Screen Systems are a terrific option instead of curtains as they provide outstanding shade and wind protection when in use and can be retracted when not needed. In addition, FlexShade screens create privacy, and the Zip and Zip XL series also create insect protection.

Along with your gazebo or pergola, you can add a shade screen to the sides to increase your comfort even when the sun is low. SummerSpace FlexShade Screen Systems create outstanding shade when in use and can be retracted when not needed. In addition, FlexShade screens create privacy, and the Zip and Zip XL series also create insect protection.

Add a Roof to Your Deck or Patio

If your deck or patio is currently uncovered, another shade option is to add a roof. You could go with a fully functional roof that creates excellent shade, like that of a gazebo. Or you could choose the slatted roof of a pergola that lets some sunlight through. Both are stunning features and create beautiful backyard aesthetics. 

Retractable Awnings Are One of the Best Shade Options

Another excellent shade option for your deck and patio is a retractable awning. With a SummerSpace retractable awning, get protection from the heat and glare of strong UV rays. Choose from our SimpleShade Series, Pro Series, or Performance Series to find just what you’re looking for. Our awnings can be customized to fit your space and have ample projection to ensure you have a large shaded area. Additionally, with many color and pattern fabric options, a retractable awning can add a beautiful design feature to your deck or patio. 

Having a shaded space to utilize is safe, fun and comfortable for you, your loved ones, and even your pets. Get the shaded deck or patio you desire with SummerSpace. Contact our local dealers to order your shade solution today! 

Best Shade Options for Your Patio & Deck in 2022

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