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How to Create an Insect-Proof Enclosure on Your Deck

How often does this happen to you? You’re enjoying an al fresco meal at home with great food and great company. Everything is perfect until those mosquitoes make you wonder how to create an insect-proof enclosure on your deck. 

Rest assured, you’re not alone in this dilemma. Thankfully, there are a number of screen system solutions to help you ensure that the only thing getting eaten in your outdoor environment is the food. 

Screen Systems for an Insect-Proof Enclosure on Your Deck

At SummerSpace®, we carry a variety of screen systems that help reduce sun glare, regulate the temperature, and enhance the privacy of your deck. Additionally, they can be quite effective in protecting you from the pests that fly, crawl, bite, sting, and spoil the moment.

The screens themselves come in multiple colors and opacities. That way, you’re still able to enjoy the beautiful views surrounding your yard while reaping the benefits of an enclosed space. When it comes to insect protection, your most practical option will be either a SummerSpace FlexShade® Zip Traditional screen or a SummerSpace FlexShade Non-Zip screen

Zip Traditional Screen

Our line of Zip Traditional solar screens are custom-fit systems for both residential and commercial applications. That should come as good news to many of you restaurant owners out there with open-air seating available in the warmer months! Each screen model is retractable, requiring only the push of a button to raise and lower it.

The feature that differentiates the zip screens from non-zip screens is their built-in retention channels. As a truly insect-proof enclosure, these mechanisms seal the sides of the screen to the frame of your outdoor space. This is what makes the zip screens the most effective option for insect protection. Sealed sides mean no entry for bugs! The only things making it through the screen barrier are softened sunlight, gentle breezes, and the sights and sounds of outdoor living.

The SummerSpace FlexShade Zip Traditional Screen comes in three different models. 

  • The Zip 92 accommodates narrow openings and windows up to 9 feet wide. 
  • The Zip 127 is a midrange screen fitting spaces up to 16 feet wide.
  • The Zip 127 XL is the largest model, fitting spaces up to 25 feet wide.

Non-Zip Screen

Like the Zip Traditional solar screen, a Non-Zip screen consists of a retractable, custom-fit barrier that reduces sun glare and temperature while enhancing privacy. They, too, are available in dozens of opacities and colors to deliver the best look for your outdoor space.

The key difference between non-zip and zip screens is that non-zip screens lack retention channels. As a result, the screen simply hangs, leaving a small gap between the sides of the screen and the structure it’s mounted to. This, in turn, allows for a slightly higher (but not significant) chance that the occasional bug may find its way into the enclosure. 

And although they are not completely insect proof, the Non-Zip screen is still effective at deterring insects from the space. So, if you’re looking for the most economical screen solution for insect protection, a non-zip screen will serve you well. 

The SummerSpace FlexShade Non-Zip Screen comes in two different models.

  • The Non-Zip 92 fits spaces up to 11 feet wide.
  • The Non-Zip 127 XL is the larger of the two, fitting spaces up to 16 feet wide.

With custom solutions, it’s easy to see just how comfortable your outdoor spaces can be without those pesky insects.

Shade Solutions for a Comfortable Deck

Each of the screen systems listed above come with a 10-year frame warranty, a 10-year fabric warranty, and a 5-year motor warranty. Therefore, you can be sure that whatever system you choose, you’ll be rewarded with more enjoyable, bug-free gatherings on your deck. 

Get in touch with your local independent SummerSpace dealer today and ask about a customized shade solution for your deck. We’ll help you find the best option for many seasons of undisturbed, outdoor quality time.

Medium shot of a deck with solar screens hanging from the posts. Screen systems like these are one way you can Create an insect-proof enclosure on your deck.

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