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Exterior shot of a porch with wooden floors and railings. Non-zip shade screens are hanging from the porch roof to help shield the porch area from sun glare.

How to Keep Your Pets Off Your Shade Screens

It can be frustrating when your pets charge or play with your shade screens. Not only can it be a pain...
Medium shot of a zip shade screen partially lowered on an open-air deck.

Do I Need a Shade Screen in Winter?

“Do I need a shade screen in winter?” This is a question that the SummerSpace® staff hear...
A striped open air cabana sits above lounge chairs next to a resort's pool. Open air cabanas are one of the best shade solutions for resorts.

The Best Shade Solutions for Resorts

What do people enjoy most about your resort? The pool? The food and beverage? The view? What about the...

Which Solar Screen is Best for Windy Conditions?

The solar screen attached to an outdoor living space is great at shielding you and your guests from the...
Outdoor patio furniture rests under a white pergola. With exposure to the sunlight from above, owners often ask "Can I Add a Shade Screen to My Pergola?"

Can I Add a Shade Screen to My Pergola?

Your pergola adds a lovely, covered space to your yard. But it doesn’t exactly cover you from… everything....
Medium shot of a deck with solar screens hanging from the posts. Screen systems like these are one way you can Create an insect-proof enclosure on your deck.

How to Create an Insect-Proof Enclosure on Your Deck

How often does this happen to you? You’re enjoying an al fresco meal at home with great food and great...
6 Benefits of Solar Shades

6 Benefits of Solar Shades

Have you been toying with the idea of shade screens for your home? Adding solar shades to your home is...
5 Reasons to Get a Balcony Shade Screen

5 Reasons to Get a Balcony Shade Screen

A balcony is an attractive and beneficial extension of your home. It’s a quaint spot where you...
6 Ways to Lower Home Utility Costs

6 Ways to Lower Home Utility Costs

The last few years have brought unprecedented price changes, product availability, and changes to the...
Are solar screens worth it?

Are Solar Screens Worth It?

The quest for a perfect shade solution for your home can feel like searching for a lost treasure. Are...


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