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Screen Systems

Custom-fit SummerSpace®️ screen systems give you power over the elements.

Sophisticated and durable, our shade screen options regulate solar and weather exposure and provide protection for your windows, deck, or patio. Enjoy added privacy with an extraordinary view. The high-quality, sleek screen design lowers to create a barrier between the outdoors and your designated area – resulting in a comfortable space you’ll love. Download your free brochure today.


Enjoy shade, privacy, and insect-protection with FlexShade Zip Screen Systems. Built-in Zip retention channels seal the sides of your Zip Shade Screens to create an insect-proof enclosure and to prevent the fabric from billowing in the wind.

non-zip screen system

Non-Zip Screen System

Get excellent sun protection and privacy at a great economical price with a Non-Zip Traditional FlexShade Solar Screen System. Side channels or cables keep your shade screen in place in light breezes; however, Non-Zip Screens aren’t side-secured so they are not intended for insect control or for windy conditions.

Tension Zip

Add sun shelter over your pergola, porch, or skylights with the FlexShade Tension Zip Shade System. This unique system is built with a side channel fabric retention system that securely holds the fabric and prevents it from billowing in the wind.



The Vivista Retractable Window Drop Shade provides exceptional sun exposure on windows and porch openings. Available in either acrylic fabric or 5% open mesh, Vivista is remote control operated, available with an optional manual gear.

Why you should choose a SummerSpace Screen System for your home

Solar screen systems are one of the best solar solutions available, providing shade without blocking your view and allowing the breeze in, but not the glaring sunlight and damaging UV rays. Simply open the window, close the solar screen, and you get an instantly refreshing breeze from the great outdoors, without letting in the bugs or the heat of the sun.

Solar screen systems are retractable, easily raising away, out of sight when not needed, and conveniently lowering into position when you’re ready to use it, with the simple touch of a button. Screen systems like our FlexShade Traditional Zip and Non-Zip systems offer a measure of privacy while not blocking your view outdoors.

Want to sip coffee in the breeze and shade in your bathrobe, without the neighbors seeing? Need to keep an eye on the kids in the backyard, but don’t want the sun in your eyes? Like to open a window, but don’t want the house filling with insects? Solar screen solutions by SummerSpace do all this and more. Click the choices below to learn more about your options.


Your perfect solution starts with the perfect options

The right product for your home
Screen System
Tension Zip
Highly Wind Tolerant
Wall or Soffit Mount Options
Durable Powder Coated Frame
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We didn’t make this up; once people see the difference in SummerSpace awning quality and workmanship, they don’t want to buy from anyone else!

It is a privilege to be able to offer the leading retractable awnings, solar screens, and aluminum canopies for your residential and commercial needs. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business! Our goal is simple: We want you to be a customer for life. The team at SummerSpace® works tirelessly to ensure we deliver on that promise each and every day of the year.

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