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Porch Enclosure System

Discover a world of porch perfection with SummerSpace® Porch Enclosure System. Crafted with precision, these panels redefine your outdoor experience. Our Porch Enclosure Systems blend the strength and durability of extruded aluminum frames with the elegance of two-piece powder-coated trim kits, ensuring a lasting and polished finish. Embrace the changing seasons effortlessly with easy-to-remove window panes, transitioning your space from a bug-free sanctuary to an open retreat. Revolutionize your porch with FlexScreen®, a scratch-resistant, weatherproof innovation that provides unobstructed views and swift cleaning. Elevate your outdoors today with SummerSpace Porch Enclosure System — where comfort, elegance, and innovation unite for the ultimate transformation.



Enhance air circulation at your discretion with the optional top vent feature. The tempered glass slider windows grant you the ability to regulate room ventilation as desired.



Robust elements enable a sleek total panel depth measuring 2 ½”, ensuring lasting structural integrity.



Our window panes feature handles that glide effortlessly up and down, offering personalized functionality tailored to your needs.



Crafted from an exceptionally durable mesh screen, our panels effectively shield your space from insects while also providing a touch of privacy.



Experience high performance with our i89 Low-E Tempered Safety Glass, boasting a crystal-clear appearance and exceptional light transmission.

Porch Perfection:
Unveiling SummerSpace Porch Enclosure System

Transform your outdoor haven into a captivating showcase with Porch Enclosure Systems by SummerSpace®. Unveil the potential of your favorite space and take it up a notch with our innovative Porch Enclosure System. Whether you’re looking to bask in the sunlight, keep pesky insects at bay, or savor your view undisturbed, our Porch Enclosure Systems have you covered.

Experience the evolution of your outdoor space — from a simple porch to a haven of luxury and relaxation. SummerSpace Porch Enclosure System redefine your environment, offering unmatched versatility, durability, and aesthetic finesse. Elevate your outdoor living with Porch Enclosure Systems by SummerSpace today.

Porch Enclosure Systems by SummerSpace offer the ultimate solution to infuse comfort and elegance into any covered porch or patio. Bid farewell to intrusive insects — our robust mesh screening forms an impenetrable barrier while maintaining a gentle aura of privacy. Crafted to perfection, these systems are a quintessential addition to porches, verandas, and patio spaces.

One size doesn’t fit all, and that’s why our Porch Enclosure Systems are meticulously designed to accommodate any space. Crafted to custom-fit almost any porch opening, these panels boast a fusion of powder coated aluminum framing, tempered glass, and resilient screen material. Ingeniously engineered for functionality, sturdiness, and sleekness, our panels create a weather-resistant haven that will withstand the test of time. Seamlessly connecting, they guarantee a swift and efficient installation process.

Unleash the potential of your porch with a SummerSpace Porch Enclosure System. Revel in a bug-free sanctuary during summer months, as our extra-strength polyester screening shields you from nature’s tiny intruders. As the seasons transition, embrace the changing weather by sliding your tempered glass windows closed, transforming your space into a haven that can be enjoyed even in the cooler times of the year.

Witness the magic of our Porch Enclosure Systems as they work their wonders. Experience the metamorphosis of a simple porch into a year-round living space, where you can immerse yourself in the outdoors without compromising comfort. Easily remove the sliding panes in warmer months for an airy screen room, and replace them to ensure coziness when the weather turns chilly.

At SummerSpace, excellence is our hallmark. Our industry-leading pretreatment and proprietary SummerShield™ powder coating finish surpasses AAMA 2604 specifications, including rigorous 3,000-hour salt spray testing. This extraordinary, fade-resistant finish is available in twelve enchanting low gloss, lightly textured options. SummerShield’s brilliance extends further, incorporating anti-microbial technology for an effortlessly maintained, enduring finish.

Harnessing the power of aluminum extrusion, we bring you the Porch Enclosure System which is designed to stand the test of time. Aluminum’s inherent stability, versatility, and corrosion resistance make it the perfect material for crafting intricate profiles that range from simple to sophisticated. Our extruded aluminum frames not only offer remarkable strength but also remain rust-free, ensuring the longevity of your porch transformation. Join us in embracing the exceptional benefits that extruded aluminum adds to our SummerSpace Porch Enclosure Systems.

Attention to detail matters. That’s why we are introducing our two-piece aluminum powder-coated trim kit. Available in two sizes, our trim kit is the finishing touch that brings harmony to your Porch Enclosure System. With a sleek, panel-matching low gloss finish, this trim seamlessly conceals screws and ensures a polished look both inside and out. Our Geocell Phantom translucent sealant, perfectly color-matched to your panels, delivers a weatherproof seal that’s as stylish as it is functional. Experience true elegance with attention to detail you’ll only find at SummerSpace.

Adapting your space to the weather is a breeze with SummerSpace Porch Enclosure System. On warm days, indulge in the refreshing air by effortlessly converting your space into a screen enclosure. Our ingenious window pane design allows for simple removal and reinstallation. Elevate the comfort of your porch with ease — slide the panes out from the bottom for screen days and slide them back in to cozy up during changing weather. Your comfort, your way.

Embark on a revolution in porch enclosures with FlexScreen®, exclusively incorporated into SummerSpace Porch Enclosure Systems. Crafted from spring steel coated with exterior-grade PVC, FlexScreen frames boast unmatched durability, scratch resistance, and the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. With a tension-based installation, the frame elegantly disappears into the screen pocket, providing unobstructed views of your surroundings. When it’s time for cleaning, FlexScreen® can be easily removed and reinstalled in seconds, offering you unparalleled convenience.

Porch Enclosure System

Features & Options

Are you ready to embrace the changing seasons effortlessly with Porch Enclosure Systems by SummerSpace®?

Specifications for Our Porch Enclosure System

  • Overall window panel heights including transom up to 108".
  • Transom height with fixed glass 10" to 36".
  • Transom height with sliding glass 14" to 36".
  • Window panels have a 27" minimum width and an 96" maximum width.
  • Narrow Matching Window Panels have a 10" minimum width and 36" maximum width.
  • Maximum height: 72".
  • Window panels have a 27" minimum width and an 96" maximum width.
  • Narrow Matching Window Panels have a 10" minimum width and 36" maximum width.
  • Overall window panel heights including base up to 120".
  • Base height with fixed glass 12" to 36".
  • Base height with sliding glass 14" to 36".
  • Window panels have a 27" minimum width and an 96" maximum width.
  • Narrow Matching Window Panels have a 10" minimum width and 36" maximum width.

Make It Your OwnCustomizable Options

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