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Relaxation Starts with SummerSpace®

You may think building your favorite space outdoors starts with the right comfy outdoor furniture, beautiful backyard cooking area, or aquatic amenities. But what good are those spaces if you are getting eaten by mosquitoes, bothered by bees and flies, sweltering under the heat of the harsh sun, or being battered by rain or ice . Banish all of those bothersome problems with an array of residential and commercial options from SummerSpace®.

If you are looking for an attractive, shaded space in the open air, a retractable awning is ideal to add comfort and protection from the sun. Not only will you find that the temperature under your awning is up to 20 degrees cooler than in direct sunlight, your awning shade also provides up to a 99% block of UV rays. Once you have the comfortable shade you need, you can truly transform your space into anything you want. And when your goal is to eliminate bugs year round, a FlexShade® Zip Screen System is the perfect solution for a totally enclosed space you’ll love. It’s even comfortable in strong winds, rain, and sun! For protection and comfort from rain and snow, an aluminum canopy is perfect over doorways to give you a comfortable space to enter and exit. Truly, there’s a solution for almost any need with the incredible offerings of SummerSpace.

FlexShade® Zip Screen System

Custom-fit SummerSpace® FlexShade® screen systems give you power over the sun. Sleek and durable, our solar screens regulate UV exposure and provide shade and glare control for your windows, deck, or patio.


Performance Series Retractable Awning

Retractable awnings offer unmatched quality as you enjoy refined style, shaded comfort, commercial-grade durability in your favorite outdoor space.


Let SummerSpace® set the stage for all of your best outdoor memories.

Design a comfortable outdoor life you love with SummerSpace® .

You’re designing a beautiful addition of premium shade products – ones that will give year after year of maximum protection and enjoyment. From a retractable patio awning to screen porch shades and aluminum canopies, you’ve finally found just the products you desire. We know you can’t wait to get started on your new outdoor area. Your retractable awning or retractable screen system has the ability to add to the functional square footage of your home. Design outdoor areas just like you would indoors for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

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Semi-Cassette 97 Retractable Awning
Pro Series Cassette Retractable Awning

Comfortable Outdoor Ideas

Have you ever wondered what living in outdoor comfort looks like? Think of all of your favorite spaces inside your home and bring the indoors out. A beautiful outdoor living room can be a space to gather with friends and family to make memories together. Whether you desire a gorgeous retractable awning to enhance your outdoor appeal or a screened porch that can be retracted any time of the day, find your favorite furniture and amenities and build a space you long to be. You can even add a weather-proof big screen TV, comfortable chairs and coffee and side tables, and a big outdoor couch or sectional on which to curl up in the beauty of the great outdoors.

A well-designed, premium awning shade reduces the temperature under your awning by up to 20°F. The mesh of our Zip screen systems can withstand strong winds and rain, making a comfortable, protected, bug-free zone for your family.

Do you need an insect-free or weather-resistant space instead? SummerSpace® FlexShade® retractable screen systems offer the perfect comfort for outdoor patios, porches and decks. Enjoy pest-free dining outdoors during warm weather for a restful, secure experience that takes the stress out of outdoor living. With incredible insect protection, you won’t have to worry about immediately covering food up, having the lights on at night, or any other issues that attract pesky bugs where you don’t want them.

And what about when sleet or rain batters the entries and exits of your home or commercial space? Add an outdoor aluminum canopy to give comfortable protection from the rain, ice and snow. Keep entryways clear and enjoy a covered space to unfold your umbrella. With all of these solutions and more from SummerSpace, you will be able to bring your favorite comfort amenities right into your beautiful outdoor spaces.

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