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How to Choose the Right Color Retractable Awning for Your Home

Now that you’ve finally decided to buy a retractable awning for your home, your next objective is to choose the right color retractable awning. But with hundreds of options to choose from, this particular part of the process can spark overwhelm and, occasionally, a few spats. 

Never fear. While this process may seem daunting at first, SummerSpace® knows how to help. After more than 40 years of manufacturing retractable awnings for homes all over the United States, we’ve learned where to find your best color inspiration so you and everyone in your household can enjoy your shaded outdoor space fully.

Why You Need to Choose the Right Color Retractable Awning

Yes — shade is shade. And no matter what color you choose for your retractable awning, it will do the job of providing shade when it is open. But don’t go thinking that the color of your awning doesn’t make a difference in the overall quality of your outdoor environment. 

Not only does the color of your awning impact the look of your space but, also, its temperature. That’s right! Shade is shade, but it can, in fact, cause various readings on a thermometer depending on the hues you have intercepting the sunlight.

Light Colors

An awning with a lighter color reflects more sunlight. And just as the sunlight bounces off of a light color more efficiently, so does the sun’s heat. Therefore, a space covered by a light-colored fabric will feel a bit cooler in terms of temperature.

Dark Colors

Conversely, an awning with a darker color absorbs heat better than its lighter counterpart. With this in mind, you want to pay attention to what direction (i.e., north, south, east, or west) your awning will face. It will catch a different amount of sunlight based on its orientation and the time of day. Cross-reference that information with how you plan to use the covered space and when. It will help you decide how much heat to repel for your enjoyment.

Design Details to Consider

In addition to your awning’s relationship with sunlight, there are, of course, standard stylistic elements to consider. Use the color palette of your home’s exterior and landscaping for clues on what swatches to pick out for your retractable awning. Also, draw inspiration from your decor. Perhaps you have stylish patio furniture with specific colors and patterns. What awning would fit nicely into that scheme?

From the concrete to the flowers to the striped cushions, look your backyard over from top to bottom. Then, make a short list of both light and dark color possibilities as well as multiple patterns for your awning. Note what reinforces your home’s look and what adds healthy contrast. 

Color Combos

At the end of the day, it’s your home and your awning. You can follow your own rules when it comes to color choices. That being said, there are certain combos that tend to clash rather than complement each other.

If you’re still not sure where to even begin, start by looking at neutral colors like greys and browns. They’re easy to incorporate into almost any color scheme, and they come in both light and dark values. Or, add a pop of complementary color for a wow factor you’ll love.

Colorful Retractable Awnings for You

What colors and patterns will appear in your outdoor retreat? Visit our gallery to see what colors other satisfied homeowners have chosen for their retractable awnings. Then, contact your local independent SummerSpace dealer to ask about the Tempotest® performance fabric that’s right for your home. With hundreds of colors and styles to choose from, you’re bound to find an option that accents your outdoor space perfectly.

Interior shot of a patio with a teal retractable awning facing a body of water at sunset. The right color retractable awning for a home depends on how much light and heat you want to reflect in areas like this.

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