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5 Activities to Do in a Cabana

Most people tend to think of a cabana strictly as pool or beach-side convenience. The truth is that there are multiple activities to do in a cabana that don’t involve a swimming environment. Whether you put your SummerSpace® Open Air Cabana next to water or not, it is one of the most versatile outdoor living amenities you can add to your backyard. 

Activities to Do in a Cabana

What are some of your favorite activities that you perform in your indoor living area? Chances are they involve good food, quality time with loved ones, moving your body, and, sometimes, giving your body a much-deserved rest. 

So many of these same delights are possible in your outdoor environment if you have a high-quality cabana at your disposal. At SummerSpace, we carry customizable cabanas of various styles and sizes. Listed below are five of our top favorite activities for you to try under the shade of these resort-worthy comforts.

  1. Dine
  2. Play Games
  3. Meditate
  4. Practice Stretching
  5. Take a Nap

1. Dine

One of the most popular uses for a cabana is dining. It’s hard to beat a fresh family meal al fresco under the colorful spread of your cabana. It’s a perfect set up for a picnic, with or without a table. 

Or, if you’re planning a large gathering, reserve your cabana for a buffet and/or bar. The best type of buffet is one that’s easy to find, and your cabana will ensure that your guests won’t get lost finding the food and beverages at your party.

2. Play Games

A cabana is prime game-playing territory. Imagine all the fun you’ll have with friends and family when you host your first board game tournament in your cabana on a pleasant evening.

If you fancy more of a physical fitness match, clear out the furniture and make room for some special time with the kids. Four Square… Tether Ball… Duck, Duck, Goose… Your cabana can, indeed, accommodate so many of the greatest hits from recess.

3. Contemplation

When the fast-paced games are through, you want a peaceful shelter where you can still your mind and reflect. Once again, your cabana fits the agenda.

Cabanas make such unique escapes. By being open-sided, covered spaces, they connect you to nature while still promoting your privacy. So set up your most comfortable pillows and blankets. Bring along an aromatherapy diffuser and take the opportunity to re-center yourself mentally and physically in your cabana.

4. Stretching

Speaking of centering your physical self, it’s quite easy to incorporate some stretches into your cabana session. You’ve heard of those popular events in city parks and public green spaces. A cabana acts as your own private retreat, available whenever you want.

5. Take a Nap

Finally, when all the fun and frivolity has drained your battery, you can sprawl out on your outdoor furniture and take a nap under your cabana. A snooze under the marine-grade fabric sure beats falling asleep in a beach chair as you bake in the sun.

Even if you don’t drift off to sleep, you can still use the time to take in the sights and sounds of your outdoor sanctuary without having to go, go, go. Pull up a chair, grab a drink and a book or podcast, and just let the space take care of you.

Cabanas and Other Shaded Outdoor Living Solutions

What activities would you do in a cabana? Get in touch with us at SummerSpace and let us know. We love to hear from homeowners about the creative ways they reimagine their outdoor living areas. Don’t have a cabana yet? Check out our Pool, Patio, & Spa page for more inspiration on a covered outdoor paradise.

A cabana with a grey and white striped covering sits in the sun next to a pool. Enjoying the scenery and resting your body are just two of the activities to do in a cabana like this.

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