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The perfect pergola shade screen to grill under.

Can I Grill Under the Perfect Pergola Shade Screen?

For a moment, imagine a warm summer evening, the sizzling sound of your favorite dishes on the grill,...
Open Air Cabana accessories boost your outdoor enjoyment.

What Open Air Cabana Accessories Do I Need?

Perhaps accessorizing should be the sixth love language. We add accessories to our Barbies, our first...
A retractable screen creates a screen porch for a beautiful cabin.

4 Top Benefits of Screen Porch Shades

A screen porch is a wonderful addition to any home, providing a space where you can enjoy the outdoors...
A woman stands under a stunning purple window awning.

6 Wonderful Window Awning Purchasing Tips

When the summer sun is blazing and the temperatures are soaring, finding ways to keep your home cool...
Adding Comfort and Style to Your Outdoor Space With an Open Air Cabana

Amazing Benefits of Open Air Cabana Styles

Close your eyes and imagine relaxing under the shade of a SummerSpace® Open Air Cabana. You have a nice...
Choose your beautiful porch shade from SummerSpace.

What Material Is Best for Porch Shade?

Porches are a great way to enjoy the outdoors while still being able to feel the comfort and shelter...
2022 SummerSpace Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations to the SummerSpace “Best of 2022” Photo Contest Winners

The team at SummerSpace® is thrilled to announce the winners of our “Best of 2022” photo contest. We...
An octagonal cabana with a green topsits in a backyard next to an inground pool in the daylight. Size, shape, and fabric color are just a few features to consider when deciding how to customize your cabana.

How to Customize Your Cabana

If you’re wondering how to customize your cabana, know that you have options beyond the fabric. Whether...
A cabana with a grey and white striped covering sits in the sun next to a pool. Enjoying the scenery and resting your body are just two of the activities to do in a cabana like this.

5 Activities to Do in a Cabana

Most people tend to think of a cabana strictly as pool or beach-side convenience. The truth is that there...
4 Ways to Create More Backyard Privacy

4 Ways to Create More Backyard Privacy

You are probably no stranger to that awkward moment when you realize your neighbor is on their patio...


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