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What are Solar Screens?

July 4, 2022

Buzzing insects, squinting eyes, and wishes for cooler temperatures. This is a familiar scene for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. But what if your time outside could be enhanced for greater enjoyment and relaxation? Solar screens allow you to do just that! 

What are solar screens? Solar screens are mesh screen panels installed in your outdoor space to block the sun from disrupting your outdoor enjoyment. SummerSpace® FlexShade® Solar Screens are premium quality, fully retractable, and highly effective. Our solar shades are ideal for your porch, covered deck, pergola, and more! 

The Perks of a Solar Screen

Installing an incredible solar screen is just the beginning of so many wonderful outdoor moments. Here are some benefits you’ll love.

Solar Protection

When lowered, FlexShade screens are exceptional at preventing the sun from negatively affecting you. SummerSpace shade screens can significantly lower the temperature of your screened-in space, making your backyard comfortable, even on the hottest of days. Additionally, shade screens can eliminate uncomfortable solar glare. 


Another excellent and useful perk of solar screens is the ability to create privacy. When lowered, FlexShade screens can prevent unwanted onlookers and create a sense of security by forming a faux wall. Whether for family dinner, late night conversations, or reading a book alone, FlexShade solar screens allow you privacy when you prefer. 

Insect Protection

When insects join you in your outdoor space, it’s irritating and uncomfortable. With the FlexShade Zip and Zip XL screens, you can enjoy your outdoor space sans insects! The Zip and Zip XL screens utilize a built-in zip retention channel that seals the sides of the retractable screen to your outdoor structure. This seal prevents any insects from joining your fun. Alternatively, if insects are not a common concern for you, check out our Non-Zip solar screens.

Customize Your FlexShade Solar Screen

With SummerSpace, you can customize your solar screens to meet your preferences and needs

Vary the View Through

Your ability to see through the mesh fabric of a solar screen is determined by the openness factor, or how tightly the fabric is woven to vary the opacity. The openness factor of your FlexShade screens can be customized from 3% up to 10%. Many people find a 5% openness factor to be the ideal mix of privacy and view through. You can choose from dozens of mesh screen options in a wide range of screen colors and opacities.

Choose a Weave Pattern

You can also customize the weave pattern of the mesh on your FlexShade Screen System. When picking a weave pattern, you should consider the implications for both the view through (simple weave patterns have a greater view through) and a design standpoint.

Pick a Frame Color

FlexShade solar screens come in six low-gloss, textured frame colors. Our frames are extremely durable and designed in a range of colors to complement your home. The stunning look of these frames will fit seamlessly into the design of your outdoor space.

Customize the Size for Your Outdoor Space

Our FlexShade screens can be custom sized to fit your outdoor space. Have a large opening? No problem! The Zip XL is designed for large spaces up to 25-feet wide. 

Enhance your outdoor space with a FlexShade solar screen! Order today from a SummerSpace dealer near you, and your solar screens will be shipped in eight days or less upon submission of your order. Experience outdoor living at its finest with the sensational offerings of SummerSpace.

What are solar screens?

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