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Retractable Exterior Solar & Insect Screens

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Zip XL (For Wide Openings)

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THE SUMMERSPACE® FLEXSHADE ZIP XL SOLAR SCREEN offers all aspects of comfort for extra-wide openings, including insect control, privacy, and solar control. These retractable screens are revolutionary in design, covering widths up to 25 feet wide! With smooth functionality, they retract in seconds to fit
within a discreet 5” headbox. These screens provide luxurious comfort with superb functionality.

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Zip XL shown fully extended for privacy and sun protection
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Zip XL retracted for full sun

Zip Traditional

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THE SUMMERSPACE® FLEXSHADE TRADITIONAL SOLAR SCREEN provides the same comfort as our XL, specifically for smaller openings and windows. The built-in Zip retention channel seals the sides of the retractable screen to your home to block out insects. Comfortable breezes are allowed to flow into your outdoor space while providing privacy and solar control.

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Zip Traditional shown fully extended for privacy, shade, and protection from insects
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Zip Traditional shown partially extended to allow some sunlight


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THE SUMMERSPACE® FLEXSHADE NON-ZIP SCREEN is made for spaces where just solar control and privacy are needed. These retractable screens function with your choice of side channels or cables to keep them in place in light breezes. Unlike our Zip screen, the Non-Zip is not side secured and should
not be lowered during heavy wind conditions.


Vivista Retractable Window Drop Shade
Retractable Window Drop Shade

Vivista partially extended

THE SUMMERSPACE® VIVISTA RETRACTABLE WINDOW DROP SHADE effectively reduces sun exposure on windows and
porch openings. It comes with your choice of acrylic awning fabric or Phifer 4500 5% open mesh. Motorized operation with
remote control is standard; manual gear operation is optional.

Aluminum Hood
Vivista fully retracted

The Perfect Frame Color

Luxurious Powder Coatings

Choose from five low gloss textured frame colors. Our industry-leading, super durable finish includes UV inhibitors for a beautiful fade-resistant finish with anti-microbial technology.

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The Perfect Mesh


We offer dozens of fabric mesh selections in a wide array of screen colors and opacities.

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