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How to Provide More Privacy in Your Suburban Backyard (Without Upsetting the HOA!)

June 7, 2022

Living in a close-knit suburban neighborhood has many wonderful perks! Whether you need a cup of sugar, someone to chat with, or help moving a piece of furniture, neighborhoods can offer a strong sense of belonging and community. Additionally, living in a suburban neighborhood provides additional safety, useful amenities, and even fun social gatherings. While you may be friendly with your neighbors, there are times when you would like to enjoy your backyard space without the watching eyes of others. Here are a few effective ways to provide more privacy in your suburban backyard (without upsetting the HOA!). 

Add a Fence for Increased Privacy in Your Suburban Backyard

A fence is an excellent way to create more privacy in your backyard. In addition, adding a fence gives your backyard character and greater ambiance. There are endless fence options for you to choose from with varying degrees of privacy. Find what fits your style, privacy needs, and meet your HOA requirements.

Get Creative with Landscaping for Additional Backyard Privacy 

For a more natural privacy solution, get creative with your backyard landscaping. Add quick growing shrubs like Emerald Green Thuja or Leyland Cypress to create a natural privacy hedge. Also, plant your landscaping in layers of varying height, color, and peak flowering times. This will create additional privacy and beauty. If you have a fence or pergola, add a sprawling vine to provide further privacy. 

Add Decorative Lattice to Boost Privacy in Your Backyard

With a decorative lattice, you can boost your backyard privacy and create a stunning design look. These lattice panels come in a variety of design options so you can get the look you love. Lattice panels can be installed as a faux wall, above a fence for additional height, between columns on a deck, or more. Get creative with places to install!

Strategically Place Backyard Features for More Backyard Privacy

Use strategic placement to create subtle but effective privacy in your backyard. If you install a new outdoor feature such as an outdoor fireplace, have it placed where the chimney helps create privacy from the neighbors. When having new landscaping installed, plant trees where it will block the direct line of sight. You can even strategically place potted plants if needed. 

Install a FlexShade Screen System for Exceptional Backyard Privacy

For exceptional backyard privacy, install a SummerSpace® FlexShade Screen System. FlexShade screens can create the privacy you desire! In addition, FlexShade screens are fully retractable so you can easily retract the screen when it’s not needed. Choose from a variety of durable mesh fabric colors, designs, and openness factors for further privacy and view through capabilities. In addition to providing privacy in your backyard space, FlexShade screens also provide solar, wind, and protection. Choose from our Zip Traditional, Zip XL, or Non-Zip Screen options. 

Contact our team to learn more about FlexShade screen systems. To order your SummerSpace privacy solution, contact a dealer near you. With the industry’s fastest turnaround time, you can start enjoying the privacy and shade of FlexShade screen in as little as eight days! Get the privacy you desire with a FlexShade Screen System by SummerSpace.

How to Provide More Privacy in Your Suburban Backyard (Without Upsetting the HOA!)

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