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Optimizing Sunlight and Airflow Adjustment in Window Awnings

May 18, 2023

As you search for window awnings, you may wonder if you’ll ever find the right solution for your needs. Is there a way of optimizing sunlight and airflow adjustment in window awnings? You love the beautiful view and peaceful airflow with the windows open at home but would like to cut down on that sun glare a bit. But if you cover them up, won’t that eliminate the things you love? With the leading shade solutions from SummerSpace®, there’s more than one way to find the ideal solution for your needs.

Why SummerSpace Window Awnings Are Different

Awnings for windows are a great way to adjust sunlight and airflow in your home. They can be adjusted to allow for more or less light and ventilation as well as direct the flow of air for maximum comfort. Optimizing sunlight and airflow adjustment in window awnings is relatively easy when you understand how they work. And with SummerSpace, you’ll have all the features and options you need to make the best choice.

Aluminum Window Awnings

When you need to cut down on direct sunlight through your windows, SummerSpace Aluminum Window Awnings are a fixed feature that you never need to adjust. Constructed from high-quality aluminum and coated twice with a stunning baked enamel finish, your window awning will never rust or corrode. Plus, snow and rain have met their match with durability you can count on.

Optimizing sunlight and airflow adjustment in window awnings is easy — your Aluminum Window Awning allows unrestricted airflow with the windows open. Enjoy that refreshing breeze without harsh sunlight. Protect your flooring, furniture, curtains, and more with either a traditional or casement-style Aluminum Window Awning. The reduction of UV rays will also help to reduce heat gain and utility expenses.

Robusta Window Awnings Are Ideal for Optimizing Sunlight and Airflow Adjustment

Do you need a bit more customization when the sun changes directions during the day? SummerSpace Robusta Window Awnings are a fully adjustable window awning for optimizing sunlight and airflow.

Say, for example, you love the beauty of soft sunlight in the morning. It’s a feature at home you don’t want to lose, and with the Robusta Window Awning fully retracted, you definitely don’t need to compromise when it comes to enjoying your home.

The stylish Robusta awning shade features an all-weather remote-control option that extends or retracts your window awning with just the push of a button, optimizing sunlight and airflow. Extend your durable awning during the heat of the day to fully cover windows. Or extend them part way for airflow adjustment and natural sunlight that suits the moment. No day has to be the same with the customizable Robusta. With an extension of 0° to 160°, you can let the light and airflow in at any time of the year. And with hundreds of Tempotest® high-performance Italian marine-grade fabric options, there is a gorgeous choice for your home.

Make Your Perfect Window Awning Choice Today

Save on energy costs, reduce sun glare, maximize airflow, and protect your home, all while enjoying exceptional beauty and ease of ownership with an Aluminum Window Awning or Robusta Window Awning from SummerSpace. Your local SummerSpace dealer would be happy to walk you through the options that will be most beneficial to your needs. Locate your local dealer today and get started on optimizing sunlight and airflow adjustment with your beautiful new window awnings. You’ll love the appeal and functionality they bring to your home.

Optimizing Sunlight and Airflow Adjustment in Window Awnings

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