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Is a Metal Window Awning Worth It?

December 12, 2022

Metal window awnings are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners and business owners alike. They offer certain advantages, and they offer a healthy level of customization as well. But how much does a metal awning cost? Let’s take a look at the cost of metal window awnings and see how they make a strong return on your investment.

What Are Metal Window Awnings?

In the world of fixed window awnings, you’re most likely to see products made from one of two materials: metal or fiberglass. At SummerSpace®, our fixed window awnings are made with aluminum and are coated with a baked-on enamel finish. These materials make them excellent shields from driving precipitation, normal snow loads, high heat, and UV rays. 

More importantly, our metal window awnings are engineered to be rust free. That means you won’t have something that looks like it came out of a junkyard hanging over your window, even after several years of exposure to the elements.

How Do Metal Awnings Compare?

As mentioned above, metal awnings are in the “fixed” category. That means they remain in their extended position all the time once installed. Their rigid composition makes them better suited to take on some of the more trying elements from Mother Nature. 

Think of it this way: if you see heavy rain or snow in the forecast, you don’t want to leave a fabric awning extended. If you have metal awnings and see the same forecast, your work is already done. This is why we often refer to our aluminum window awnings as a “set-it-and-forget-it” solution. 

Another advantage metal window awnings have is the maintenance factor. The rust-free aluminum composition doesn’t require as much upkeep or cleaning as other options that need a good scrub every now and then.  

How Much Do Metal Window Awnings Cost?

In general, metal window awnings are more expensive than fabric awnings. But remember that metal awnings tend to last longer due to their composition.

Ultimately, the question you need to answer is this: Do you want to pay for a relatively more expensive metal awning and save on cleaning and replacement costs in the long run? Or do you save money on the initial purchase and assume more responsibility for upkeep over time? 

As with all purchases, there are pros and cons to each choice. The best step you can take is to make an honest assessment of your space and how you use it. You may find that a metal window awning is more conducive to your lifestyle and décor.

How Can I Customize a Metal Window Awning?

In any case, know that you have options for customization that will also impact the cost of your metal awning. With SummerSpace aluminum awnings, you can choose between a traditional style or a casement style. The traditional style involves the aluminum wrapping around three planes (the front and two sides), while the casement style involves one aluminum plane extended directly above the window with the help of posts or open frames on the sides.

SummerSpace aluminum awnings are available in 13 colors. Whether you prefer a light neutral or a rich jewel tone, we have what you need to make your awnings an elegant fit for your structure.

Where Can I Buy Metal Window Awnings?

SummerSpace has the best selection of awnings, both metal and retractable, on the market. Get in touch with one of our independent dealers, and they will help you design the perfect awning solution for your windows and give you a customized quote.

Medium shot of a ranch home with blue metal window awnings. The size and style of the awnings impacts how much a metal window awning costs.

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