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3 Modern Window Awning Ideas for Spring

February 27, 2023

Are you looking for a way to reinvigorate your home’s exterior this spring? If so, you may want to start with your windows. Why? You’d be surprised by how far a modern window awning can take you! 

SummerSpace® awnings are a powerful way to add personality and style to your home while also providing protection from the sun and rain. Here, we share three modern window awning ideas that will help you transform your home’s appearance and function come springtime.

Why Modern Window Awnings Are Perfect for Spring

Spring is a time of renewal — especially when it comes to your home and garden. Investing in a modern window awning can help refresh your home’s beauty by adding a new eye-catching component to its exterior and protecting some of the vegetation that may rest beneath it.

At SummerSpace, we produce both retractable window awnings and fixed metal window awnings that provide exceptional shade from solar heat, protection from UV rays, and (in the case of fixed awnings) shelter from the elements. Furthermore, they come in various colors and styles to help you create the best look for your home as Mother Nature blooms around it. 

Here are just a few ideas on how a window awning can help you welcome spring.

1. Vibrant Colors and Patterns

When it comes to modern colors and patterns for window awnings, SummerSpace provides options that are as abundant as spring wildflowers. 

The marine-grade Tempotest® fabric, which is used to make SummerSpace retractable awnings, is available in over a hundred colors and patterns, allowing you to choose the perfect look for your home. From traditional solids to sleek stripes, you can find a color pallet and texture that will perfectly suit your aesthetic. 

When it comes to color choices, we recommend reading our blog How to Choose the Right Color Retractable Awning for Your Home. This will help you determine what combinations work best against the backdrop of your house and outdoor areas. In general, light colors tend to reflect sunlight and solar heat best. So, if your goal is to deflect the sun’s rays through the spring (and into the summer), you may prefer colors like yellow, teal, light blue, etc. 

In terms of SummerSpace metal window awnings, you have 13 lush colors to choose from. Chic neutrals and rich jewel tones are on the idea board when you want to add a solid, fixed shield with a tasteful touch of color above your windows.

2. Motorized Retractable Window Awnings

SummerSpace’s Robusta Window Awnings are among the most user friendly on the market. One of the main factors contributing to that is the motor and remote control that make them retract with just the push of a button. This will definitely come in handy when those spring showers roll in!

As we explained in our blog Are Retractable Awnings Waterproof?, SummerSpace retractable awnings shouldn’t be extended in rainy conditions. Although the fabric is waterproof, it’s not healthy to make a habit of letting it collect rain. 

A motorized window awning helps you combat that. If the stray shower comes your way, all you would have to do is press a button and the awning will retract itself. 

3. Casement-Style Fixed Awnings

In the fixed awnings category, casement-style window awnings are growing in popularity. This is because, unlike traditional-style awnings which cover three planes (the front and the sides), casement-style awnings cover the front and leave the sides open with minimal framework for a more contemporary look. 

They provide similar weather protection benefits as those listed above but with an added bonus: they can withstand all sorts of weather thanks to their aluminum construction. This makes them a great choice when you want to protect any springtime blooms beneath your window.

New Season. New Awnings.

When you’re ready to add modern window awnings to your home, get in touch with a SummerSpace dealer. They’ll help you devise the best look and configuration to elevate your home’s appeal and function.

Exterior shot of a sun room with a blue-and-white striped modern window awning on each side.

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