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How to Care for an Open Air Cabana

February 16, 2023

An Open Air Cabana from SummerSpace® is a perfect way to transform your backyard into your own, personal resort. Not only does it provide shade and shelter from the sun, but it also adds a touch of luxury and style to your outdoor environment. If you want to make sure your Open Air Cabana looks and performs its best for several years, then you need to take care of it properly.  

Why It’s Important to Care for Your Open Air Cabana

At SummerSpace, we manufacture resort-style Open Air Cabanas designed to provide long-lasting protection, comfort, and elegance to your outdoor oasis. These unique amenities are ideal for a variety of outdoor activities like picnics, parties, or just relaxing outdoors. 

By taking proper care of your SummerSpace Open Air Cabana, you help prolong its longevity and, thereby, protect your investment. Furthermore, efficient cabana maintenance helps ensure that the space underneath it will stay in top condition and be ready to use whenever you need it. Here, we offer tips for cabana maintenance so you can add value to your favorite outdoor living area.

When to Remove the Cabana Cover

Each SummerSpace Open Air Cabana cover is made from the same marine-grade Tempotest® fabric with which we produce our retractable awnings. Sturdy and stylish, this material is specifically designed to withstand intense solar heat and UV rays.

But while the cover is made with such heavy-duty material, it shouldn’t be left on the cabana during an extreme weather event like a hurricane.  You may also want to remove it if you have an off-season in your region to extend its overall life.

Although it can handle snow, too much of a snow load over time will shorten the fabric life as well. Therefore, if you see extreme weather in the forecast, it’s best to remove the cabana cover. Read our blog How to Remove Your Open Air Cabana Cover for a step-by-step guide.

How to Clean the Cabana Fabric 

Because Open Air Cabanas are often left outdoors for long periods of time, the fabric may collect dirt, dust, and other debris. To do this, simply brush the taut fabric with a soft-bristled brush. If necessary, use a mixture containing two oz. of mild soap to one gallon of water (be sure the water is no hotter than 100°F). Scrub in a tight, circular motion to help remove dirt particles, air pollution, and smog. Rinse with water and let it air dry. 

Be aware that the Tempotest fabric features complimentary enhancements such as Teflon® Extreme fabric coating and Hi-Clean® finishing to make maintenance even easier. Also, it’s a good idea to periodically enhance the fabric’s waterproof feature with a 303 waterproofing protectant that’s compatible with marine-grade fabrics. 

How to Store Your Cabana When Not in Use

When the time comes to give your cabana cover a break, it’s important to store it properly. Take down the fabric and fold it up neatly so wrinkles aren’t created by folding it too tightly. If possible, store the cabana in a cool, dry place like an indoor closet or garage until you’re ready to use it again. 

A Private Sanctuary With an Open Air Cabana 

By following these simple tips, you can rest assured that your Open Air Cabana will look and perform superbly for years to come. When you finally decide to upgrade your pool, patio, and spa space, get in touch with a SummerSpace dealer. They’ll help you decide on the Open Air Cabana or other premium shade solution that is best for your space. In the meantime, visit our care & maintenance page for more helpful tips.

Close up on the corner leg of an open air cabana with a beige top situated next to a pool.

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