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How to Remove Your Open Air Cabana Cover

There’s no denying that your SummerSpace® Open Air Cabana is one of the best parts of your pool, patio, and spa environment. However, there may come a time when the open air isn’t as cabana friendly (i.e., winter or severe storm threats). In such cases, you may wonder how to remove your Open Air Cabana cover. 

Removing Your Open Air Cabana Cover: A Step-by-Step Guide

SummerSpace has a network of trusted dealers who can either install or possibly remove your Open Air Cabana cover for you. However, the job is just as doable for the DIYers out there ready to apply the proper tools and procedures. If you decide to remove your cabana cover without professional help, we strongly suggest following a few tips.

  • Work with a partner. It’s safer for you and safer for the cabana to have at least another pair of hands helping you manage the equipment. 
  • Wear appropriate footwear. This process requires some climbing and working with home improvement tools, so wear comfortable, close-toed shoes with good traction.
  • Work in favorable weather conditions. The goal is to have your cabana cover removed before inclement weather sets in. Therefore, keep a close eye on the forecast, and aim to complete your work before lightning or precipitation jeopardizes your safety.
  • Set aside storage space. You’ll need a dry, safe place to store your cabana cover once it’s removed, so do your best to designate a space before you start the disassembly.

Releasing the Fabric Cover

  1. Remove the velcro tension fast straps from the aluminum frame perimeter.
  2. Lift up the valance so you can access the tension rods.
  3. Carefully slide the tension rods out of their pockets and store them in a safe place.

Removing the Cupola

  1. Stand on a ladder positioned beneath the cupola and, using a 5/16’’ nut driver, remove the four hex head fasteners securing the cupola legs into the aluminum frame.
  2. Once all the fasteners are removed, gently lift the cupola top from below. Note: all the cupola top components should remain assembled (e.g., fabric, tension straps, etc.).
  3. Carefully hand the cupola top to your partner. Depending on your cabana shape, you can do this one of two ways:
  • Have your partner stand on another ladder on the outer edge of the frame to receive the cupola top.
  • Roll back a portion of the main cabana cover to expose the rafters, and lower the cupola top sideways through the rafters to your partner standing on the ground.

Pro tip: Turn the cupola top before passing it so none of its protruding hardware scars the fabric of the main cover.

  1. Store the cupola top with the fabric attached.

Removing the Main Fabric Cover

  1. Using a 5/16’’ nut driver, remove the hex head fasteners that secure the main fabric cover to the top opening on the aluminum frame.
  2. Once all the fasteners are removed, you and your partner will gently pull the fabric across the roof framework, gathering it loosely as it slides off the face of the cabana.
  3. Carry the fabric to a clean, dry surface for folding.

Folding the Fabric

  1. Lay the fabric out flat with the top side facing up.
  2. Fold one side of the fabric toward the center opening three times. The fold should cover up half of the center opening.
  3. Repeat Step 12 on the opposite side of the fabric.
  4. Overlap the two folded sides.
  5. Fold each end of the fabric bundle until meeting in the middle.
  6. Store the folded cover in a safe, dry place.

More for Your Cabana

Your cabana is designed to leave the fabric on year-round, however removing the fabric during winter months, if it is not being used, will prolong its life and maintain its beauty. For more pro tips and helping hands, get in touch with your local SummerSpace dealer. From instruction manuals to manpower, they’ll help you gather what you need to make all your cabana care successful.

Close up on a pair of hands loosening the tension straps on an open air cabana cover.

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