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How Long Will My Open Air Cabana Last?

Whether it’s by the pool, in the backyard, or on the patio, a SummerSpace® Open Air Cabana makes the best outdoor environments even better. With the stylish canopy and sturdy aluminum frame shielding you from solar heat and UV rays, you’re free to enjoy your picnics, dance parties, and some good, old-fashioned lounging while connected to the fresh air.

So, how many seasons can you expect to enjoy such fun and relaxation under the shade of your cabana? Good question. Determining the longevity of your Open Air Cabana can be a bit of a puzzle when you consider that you’re dealing with distinctly different materials (namely the aluminum frame and the fabric cover). Each is subject to different wear and tear timeframes. 

Not to worry. Here, we’ve broken down how long the different components on your Open Air Cabana will last. Spoiler: With proper care, your cabana can last for year and years!

Solving the Puzzle 

Like all SummerSpace products, our Open Air Cabanas are built to last. In fact, they’re made with the same aluminum and fabric materials as our retractable awnings. How long will they enrich your pool, patio, and spa areas? Long enough to earn the status of “premium shade solution.”

Aluminum Frame and Legs

Our Open Air Cabanas’ aluminum frames and legs are engineered to last forever under normal exposure conditions. The aluminum is coated with our proprietary SummerShield™ powder coating. This super durable finish exceeds American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2604 specifications, giving you a rust-free product available in nine stunning colors.

Fabric Components

The cabana and cupola covers are made with marine-grade Tempotest® fabric. Each individual strand comprising the fabric is dyed and pretreated before being woven (as opposed to weaving the strands together first and, then, surface coating the material). This makes the fabric exceptionally durable and protective. Furthermore, it contains 100% solution-dyed acrylic which is pretreated for mold and mildew. 

Tempotest fabric features complimentary enhancements including a Hi-Clean® finish that repels water, grease, and oil while also fending off fungus and rot. Also, its Teflon® Extreme fabric coating makes cleaning a breeze. With all these factors in play, you can expect your covers to last, on average, eight to 12 years with normal wear and tear and exposure. In contrast, the fabric on most big-box-store cabanas tends to last only a couple of years.

How to Maximize Your Open Air Cabana’s Longevity

Your Open Air Cabana will last long enough for you to see a healthy return on your investment, provided you clean and maintain it properly. This is especially critical for cabanas that are set up in environments with heavy salt exposure (e.g., coastal areas). While the cabana’s components will still hold for several years in such an environment, the salty air will accelerate degradation. In this case, it’s best to clean your cabana at the beginning and end of every season.

When it comes to cabana maintenance, you need to know  

  • When to remove the cabana cover
  • How to clean the cabana fabric
  • How to store your cabana when it’s not in use

For an in-depth guide on how to accomplish these tasks, read our blogs How to Care for an Open Air Cabana and How to Remove Your Open Air Cabana Cover.

Open Air Cabana Warranties

While SummerSpace Open Air Cabanas are made to stand the test of time, we understand that there are some extenuating circumstances under which you may need something replaced sooner than usual. You’ll be happy to know that the cabanas carry the following warranties:

  • 10-year limited warranty on the aluminum frame and powder-coated system
  • 10-year limited warranty on the fabrics and seams
  • 3-year limited warranty on any corner curtains with sash and privacy panels

Premium Open Air Cabanas

SummerSpace is your leading source of Open Air Cabanas and premium shade solutions. Get in touch with a dealer today to learn how you can add one of these durable, customizable features to your pool, patio, and spa environment this year.

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