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Who Can Install My Solar Shade Solutions?

After researching and learning about the amazing benefits of SummerSpace® solar shades, you’ll be ready to enjoy it pronto! After all, these high-quality screen systems provide insect control, privacy, and solar control all while looking sleek and modern. Though, between placing your SummerSpace order and enjoying it, there is one small but important step: installation. But there is no reason to sweat! At SummerSpace, we work hard to make installation fast, easy, and cost effective. Here is everything you need to know about solar shade installation.

Who Will Install My Solar Shade Solutions?

All SummerSpace shade screens are installed by our authorized professional installers. Not only does a SummerSpace professional installer have ample industry knowledge and experience, but your installer is also a highly trained expert in SummerSpace products. 

Arranging a professional installer for your solar shade is no extra work for you. The same local dealer who places your SummerSpace order will make the arrangements for installation. Before placing your order, the SummerSpace dealer will come to your home for a site visit. In doing so, the dealer can assess exact installation needs and requirements to ensure the process is expedited once your solar shades arrive. 

What Is the Cost of Installation?

Being a family-owned and operated business, it is our mission at SummerSpace to provide affordable prices for all of our services and products. The cost of installation is included in the solar shade quote given to you by your local SummerSpace dealer. For more details on the exact cost and payment process, contact your local authorized SummerSpace dealer. 

Additionally, for those who would like the option to finance their shade solutions, we partner with Lendvious. You can quickly and easily apply online in just a matter of minutes. 

What Is the Installation Timeline?

While the exact timing for installing a solar shade may vary, there’s one thing we know: our entire team, from craftsperson and dealer to shipping and professional installer, will do everything in their power to have it installed quickly. 

More specifically, from the time you order your solar shades, we will have it shipped within eight days or less from our fully stocked warehouse in central Maine. From there, your order will be delivered and installed according to your dealer’s installation schedule. Your local dealer can give you a more exact installation estimate.

Order Your SummerSpace Solar Shades Today

Perhaps you’ve heard of demo day, but what about installation day? Our team is excited for you to experience the perks and enjoyment of your solar shade solutions. Place your order today to start the process, and installation day will be here be you know it.

SummerSpace FlexShade® screens come in three wonderful options to meet your shade needs. Choose from the Zip Traditional, Non-Zip, or Tension Zip screens. These three screen options are exceptional at increasing shade, solar protection, and privacy in your porch, gazebo, pergola, balcony, and more. Additionally, our Vivista Drop Shade Screen is an excellent choice for your exterior windows, preventing UV damage, solar heat gain, uncomfortable glare, and unwanted inward views.

All of these solar shade options are wind tolerant, fully retractable with remote control, and have a durable powder-coated frame.

If you have further questions or to place your solar shade order, contact your local SummerSpace dealer today! Your dealer will be happy to walk you through your order and installation options to get you all set with a solar shade solution you’ll adore.

Who Can Install My Solar Shade Solutions?

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