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What Are the Different Types of Home Awnings Available?

July 1, 2022

When searching for home awnings, you’re looking for a product that can provide comfort, protection from the sun, and prevent the sun from heating your home, all while giving your home a classy and stylish look. Is this too much to ask from one product? Not at all! At SummerSpace®, we have a variety of different types of home awnings you can choose from that will meet your shade needs and personal preferences.

Retractable Patio Awnings for Your Outdoor Space

SummerSpace Patio Awnings are the industry’s most potent and beneficial method for creating solar protection on the exterior of your home. With a patio awning, you can enjoy your backyard even on the sunniest of days. SummerSpace Patio Awnings have a large projection for ample shaded space to enjoy and they are fully retractable. 

Enjoy shade when you’d like and retract in a matter of seconds when it’s no longer needed. For those looking for a home awning for their outdoor space, a SummerSpace Patio Awnings is the way to go! These retractable awnings come in three exceptional series. 

SimpleShade Series

Our SimpleShade Home Awnings are effective and reliable at providing excellent solar protection. The SimpleShade Series comes in standard sizes up to 20 feet in width and a projection up to 13 feet 2 inches. Choose from 24 beautiful fabrics and five SummerShield® Powder Coat Frame colors.

Pro Series

The SummerSpace Pro Series Awnings are a stunning and powerful force for warding off harmful UV rays and bright glares. The Pro Series can be customized in size by the inch up to 26 feet with a projection of up to 13 feet 2 inches. Additionally, this series of home awnings comes in a huge selection of fabric colors, patterns, and textures to choose from as well as five SummerShield finish colors. 

Performance Series

The Performance Series by SummerSpace is known for its strength, elegance, and luxurious shade coverage. Customize your Performance Series Home Awning in widths up to 26 feet and projects up to 14 feet 6 inches. Add stunning shade protection to your patio with the many beautiful fabric selections and four SummerShield frame options. 

Retractable Window Awnings for Your Home

In addition to home awnings to shade your outdoor space, window awnings are an excellent way to keep your home cool, prevent UV damage to the interior of your home, and prevent unwanted glare inside. 

Utilizing SummerSpace Robusta Window Awnings can reduce solar heat gain in your home by up to 77 % and reduce home cooling costs by up to 60%. The Robusta Window Awning has a projection of up to five feet to fully cover your window when you desire. Then, when solar protection is not needed and you’d like to enjoy the view out your window, simply retract your SummerSpace Window Awning.

Get the shade you need and desire with SummerSpace. Choose from SummerSpace’s many home awnings for simple, effective, and affordable solar protection. Order your retractable awning from one of our SummerSpace dealers near you.

What Are the Different Types of Home Awnings Available?

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