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The Consumer’s Guide to In-Home Energy Savings

July 1, 2022

Lowering energy consumption in your home does more than just save you money, although that’s reason enough to look into your options! When you reduce your home’s energy consumption, you lessen the load on local energy resources, and experts say you can even make a difference when it comes to the health of our planet. High demand drives costs up for everyone, so lowering energy demand in and around your home helps to keep prices lower for all.

In many parts of the country, home energy demands are highest in summertime. The main driver is the air conditioning system, and if it’s running too often, the overwork reduces the lifespan of your unit. Installed, modern AC units average about $10,000 to $12,000 to replace for the typical home, making it well worthwhile to give your AC a much-needed break!

SummerSpace® has collected a few of the top tips from utility companies to help you reduce your in-home energy use for greater savings and a healthier planet. In this consumer’s guide to in-home energy savings, learn a few tips and tricks for home energy savings you can start doing today!

Create In-Home Energy Savings By Weatherizing Your Home

The first step to in-home energy savings is to stop air leaks around your home. When your home is leaky, outdoor air seeps in, and the cooled or heated air from inside escapes. Common places for air leaks include around windows, doors, and outlets. Seal these spots to prevent air leakage and significantly reduce your in-home energy costs year round. Additionally, install new insulation in your attic and crawl space with a higher R-value. The R-value indicates its ability to prevent heat from entering or escaping your home and, therefore, how well it can conserve energy.

Create In-Home Energy Savings with Smart Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling your house is one of the biggest drivers of energy consumption. Northern climates have higher energy bills in the winter, while the southern tier of the nation gets the hardest hit during the summer. A good way to lower in-home energy use in every climate and season is to use a smart thermostat. This will allow you to adjust the temperature of your house on the go. You can also create schedules so that your home is always comfortable when you’re home, but you aren’t paying for climate control when no one is around.

In the summer, adjust the thermostat as high as is comfortable for you. According to the US Department of Energy, running your air condition at 78 degrees in the summer can have up to an 18% energy savings. Lower it to your coolest comfort level in the winter. You can remain comfortable at a cooler temperature by wearing a light jacket or sweater around the house. It takes a little getting used to, but you’ll be inspired when you see the in-home energy savings you achieve!

Replace Aged Appliances for In-Home Energy Savings

As technology and energy awareness has advanced, appliances have become impressively energy efficient. If your house has aged appliances, consider switching them out over time for further energy savings. Even units that are only 5-10 years old will be far less energy efficient than those purchased recently. 

A new refrigerator, for example, can deliver significant savings over older models. As stated in Consumer Reports, “‘Newer refrigerators use much less energy than their predecessors,’ says Larry Ciufo, CR’s test engineer for refrigerators. ‘Federal standards are constantly updated to ensure that refrigerators of certain sizes use ever-lower amounts of energy, and manufacturers introduce new technologies to meet those standards.’”

Get Excellent In-Home Energy Savings By Upgrading Your Lighting

Lighting is one of the largest ways we consume energy after heating and cooling. Get noticeable energy savings by switching to LED lightbulbs. According to, Energy Star LED lights can shave as much as 75% off your lighting bills, and since these bulbs last longer than conventional light bulbs, you save buying new bulbs, as well.

Smart homes allow you to leave lights off when unnecessary, turning on only the lights you need when you arrive home. You can also shut off unused lights and appliances from your smartphone app, even if you forgot to switch those off before leaving home.

Get In-Home Energy Savings with Exterior Window Shades 

Throughout the day, the sun enters your home through the windows and can quickly raise the temperature in the home. This not only makes your home uncomfortably warmer, but also forces your air conditioner to work harder to maintain cooler temperature. This leads to higher in-home energy costs. By covering your windows with exterior shades, you can experience significant energy savings and a much cooler home. It’s also more pleasant to dine without the glare of the sun beaming through the windows.

The SummerSpace Vivista® Retractable Window Drop Shade can be installed above windows or doors on the exterior of your home. With motorized operation, you can easily lower the Vivista Drop Shade during peak solar hours to block heat from entering. In addition, the Vivista Drop Shade has a sleek, modern look and retracts into a discreet headbox when not in use. Get excellent in-home energy savings with the Vivista Retractable Window Drop Shade.

Install Window Awnings for More Energy Savings

Another excellent way to create summer energy savings is with window awnings. Add a SummerSpace Robusta® Window Awning over your windows to create cooling shade and prevent the sun from heating your home. Fully motorized, you can lower the Robusta Window Awning for additional shade during the day, and then retract it into the headbox at night to enjoy the view. In addition, Robusta Window Awnings give your home a beautiful design accent. Choose from our five powder coated frame colors and 24 Tempotest® fabric options.

Door awnings, especially if you have sliding glass doors or doors with uncovered glass, can also help significantly reduce your in-home energy costs. The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA) maintains that awnings over windows and doorways can lower cooling costs by as much as 25% and can save the average homeowner around $200 per year or more. Awnings are also one of the most highly recommended solutions from

Keep your home energy bills low with these energy savings tips. To learn more about SummerSpace Shade Solutions, contact our team. Order your SummerSpace Robusta Window Awning, Vivista Drop Shade, and other exceptional shade solutions today from your local dealer! Get summer energy savings and enjoyment with SummerSpace.

The Consumer’s Guide to In-Home Energy Savings

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