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Awning Shade Drop Screens: Add Privacy and Protection Outdoors

Are you looking to maximize the time you can comfortably spend on your patio or back deck, all while increasing your privacy and getting protection from the elements? If that sounds like something you’re searching for, then an awning shade drop screen by SummerSpace® will be a perfect fit for you and your family.

In case you’re not familiar with what an awning shade drop screen is, it’s really two great things put together into one system. The retractable awning shade will give you a great deal of protection from the sun and elements overhead, while the drop screen further prolongs the time you can spend outdoors with additional sun protection in the early mornings and evenings.  

Increase Your Privacy with an Awning Shade Drop Screen

Unless you live in an incredibly remote area, most of us could benefit from some extra privacy on our back patio. Maybe you want to enjoy your early morning coffee in your robe without your neighbor catching a glimpse of you or slip into and out of your patio hot tub in the evening without being noticed by neighbors. The addition of a drop screen to your awning shade will certainly increase the privacy you have under your awning. 

As far as privacy is concerned, think of it as being the eyes behind tinted sunglasses or the person within a vehicle with tinted windows. It’s hard to see both the eyes and the person in the vehicle in these examples. That’s the kind of privacy you will receive from the dark-colored drop screen added to your awning shade.  

Use an Awning Shade Drop Screen to Protect Your Patio Space

An awning shade coupled with a drop screen will make a great duo to protect your patio space from the elements. Whether it is rain in the spring, bright sun in the summer, leaves in the fall, or snow in the winter, you will receive four-season protection year after year from your awning shade drop screen. Not only will your loved ones outside receive this protection, but your belongings will as well.

Your patio flooring will be more protected from the sun’s rays, which could be a great benefit if you have a patio made out of wood. It could really extend the life of your wood when protected from harsh elements. Your outdoor furniture will be preserved as well. Harsh UV rays can be very harmful to outdoor furniture, both the structure and cushions, as well as very rough on grills, smokers, and similar outdoor kitchen equipment. Luckily, the awning shade can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays from you and your belongings. Your home itself, such as the siding under your awning, may even receive some protection from the elements.  

Enhancing your backyard patio with an awning shade drop screen will greatly improve your outdoor experience. You can feel secure with an investment from SummerSpace, as they are highly respected in the industry and well known for their high-quality products. Reach out to a SummerSpace dealer to learn even more about the benefits and specifics of how your backyard can be enhanced by SummerSpace.

Awning Shade Drop Screen by SummerSpace

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