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3 Reasons to Buy a Drop Screen for Your Retractable Awning

With a retractable awning adding shade and style to your favorite outdoor space, you may be wondering if or how it can be enhanced. Well, with a drop screen, you can, in fact, make your outdoor sanctuary even more enjoyable. 

This will come as good news to homeowners who have that million-dollar view from their patio. With a drop screen incorporated into your new awning setup, you can capture a few more golden, sunlit moments in the most comfortable fashion year after year.

What are Drop Screens?

So, what exactly are drop screens? They are dark mesh motorized shades attached to your awning that raise and lower at your pleasure. They are incorporated into the awning’s front bar, extending to give you even more ability to control the sun’s influence on your outdoor living.

Why Should I Add an Optional Drop Screen to My Retractable Awning When Purchasing?

Yes, a retractable awning is a versatile amenity. So why should anyone buy a drop screen for it? Think of it this way: the awning is like a game system, and the drop screen is like an expansion pack. In other words, it adds even more capacity to enjoy the main event.

Here are three key reasons why drop screens are worth adding to your retractable awning when you make the purchase:

1). Reduces Sun Glare

2). Protects People and Furnishings

3). Enhances Privacy

1. Reduces Sun Glare

Relaxing on the back patio on a summer evening is so satisfying… until the sun reaches that oh-so-specific spot in the sky where, unless you’re wearing frying-pan-sized sunglasses, it blinds you relentlessly.

When you are driving in your car, all you need to do is flip down your sunshade to shield your eyes. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a way to do this with your retractable awning, too? There is!

An optional mesh drop screen lowers from your retractable awning, eliminating this problem of horizontal sun exposure. If your awning-covered space sits in a location where sunrises and sunsets that are low in the sky produce ruthless rays, the dark mesh will guard against the piercing light. That way, you can go the whole day without worrying about harsh sunlight breaking up your party.

2. Protects People and Furnishings 

This isn’t the only solar trouble a drop screen keeps out of your space. UV rays, which heighten the risk of skin cancer, are kept at bay when the mesh hangs between you and the sun. 

Your patio furniture is also better protected from alteration with a drop screen solution added to the equation. Over time, exposure to direct sunlight causes the color and sheen of your outdoor furniture to fade. But with a drop screen added to your awning, you limit the risk of sun fading on your precious furniture.

Between the health benefits and the preservation of your decor, a drop screen proves very useful in keeping you and your space lively and comfortable.

3. Enhances Your Privacy

Nothing kills a party like the thought of someone else looking in from afar and judging it. The good news is that in addition to keeping the sun out, a drop screen also keeps roaming eyes from interrupting your outdoor gathering. 

One of the best qualities of shade screens like these is that they enhance privacy. They create a visual barrier from the outside without compromising your view from the inside. Therefore, if you have a patio that sits directly across from the neighbors’ patio, a drop screen will help you enjoy dinner, drinks, or conversations with guests without the fear of onlookers destroying the vibe.

Where Can I Buy a Screen Attachment Along With a Retractable Awning?

When it comes to awnings and shade solutions, SummerSpace® is your one-stop shop for custom retractable awnings and drop screens. Get in touch with your SummerSpace dealer today, and they can assist you in adding a shade screen to your new retractable awning at the time of purchase. Also, check out our FAQ page for further information on retractable awnings and drop screens to enhance your favorite outdoor spaces.

Medium shot of a drop screen hanging from the front bar of a retractable awning.

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