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Amazing Benefits of Open Air Cabana Styles

Close your eyes and imagine relaxing under the shade of a SummerSpace® Open Air Cabana. You have a nice breeze, a great view, and solar protection, all while enjoying the company of family and friends. It’s the recipe for a perfect day! Our Open Air Cabanas are available in three luxurious styles — Rectangle, Square, and Octagon — each equally amazing and effective. To help you decide which is your favorite, here are the benefits of each style plus a few other cabana features to consider.

Rectangle Style

Our rectangular style is spacious and versatile. Measuring 12′ x 16’, there is ample room for your guests, pool or beach supplies, and outdoor furniture, plus a little extra elbow room. The spacious layout is also ideal for a variety of uses. Whether you want to create a lounge area, set up a dining space, or even incorporate a poolside mini bar, the rectangular style provides ample room for customization.

Square Style

The square-style cabana is available in four size options, 8′ x 8′, 10′ x 10′, 12′ x 12’, or 16’ x 16’. A square Open Air Cabana is loved by many for its aesthetically pleasing symmetry and balance. Additionally, the 8’ and 10’ square cabanas are especially space efficient. These personal-size cabanas are the ideal choice for tight spaces, resort amenities, or smaller families. 

Octagon Style

Octagon-style cabanas offer a distinct and eye-catching design element. The curved lines and unconventional shape make them stand out while adding a touch of charm to your outdoor space. They also provide a great 360-view of your surroundings. With no sharp corners, you can fully immerse yourself in the outward view while enjoying the shaded comfort of your cabana. SummerSpace octagon-style cabanas are available in 13′ or 15’ size options.

Other Open Air Cabana Options 

In addition to the style of your cabana, SummerSpace offers a few additional options so you can have the Open Air Cabana you desire. 

Fabric Color Options

Start by choosing the perfect Open Air Cabana fabric color to meet your personal style, outdoor vibe, or company branding. Made with marine grade Tempotest® fabrics, choose from a vibrant and vast selection of weave, stripe, and solid options found in our Pool, Patio, and Spa Collection. 

In addition to fabric color, select a SummerShieldTM powder coating finish available in stunning Signature and Signature Plus color options.

Optional Features

For additional privacy, shade, and style, consider adding the optional corners curtains and side panels. Choose from three neutral color options — white, toffee, and silver — with curtain ties coordinated to match your roof fabric.

You can also choose to add a Light and Fan Mounting Kit. This much-loved additional allows you to have extra comfort in your cabana with a consistent breeze and nighttime lights for visibility. 

How to Order Your Favorite Open Air Cabana Style

Need help choosing your favorite Open Air Cabana style? We can help! Our amazing customer service team can help you identify the perfect option for your space, personal style, and needs. When you’re ready to order, contact a SummerSpace dealer in your area today!

Adding Comfort and Style to Your Outdoor Space With an Open Air Cabana

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