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3 Tips For Choosing the Right Shade Screens for Your Home

Every space and family is unique, but finding the right shade screens for your home can make all the difference. Chances are you love the majority of what makes the outdoors so inviting and refreshing, but if given the opportunity, you may edit a couple of nuisances out of your backyard experience. You may want to reduce the flying bugs from around you or move that tree so it can block the sun from your eyes. While we aren’t in the business of reducing the bug population or uprooting trees, we do have a perfect solution for your woes with a custom shade screen system from SummerSpace®

Benefits of All Shade Screen Systems by SummerSpace

Before we jump into their differences, we’ll point out a few things all of our shade screens have in common. First, they will never get in the way of your view. They all provide shade from the bright sun and allow the air to freely flow through. Whichever screen you choose will effortlessly raise out of sight and back into position when needed with the use of a remote-controlled motor. 

Survey Your Outdoor Space

SummerSpace offers four shade screen options for your home, so to ensure that you select the most perfect fit, we suggest that you look around your backyard and sunroom to survey your space. Do you have a covered patio with three sides enclosed and one side open to the outdoors? If so, the insect-free and wind-tolerant Zip Traditional shade screen may be a great fit for your family. Maybe you have a covered patio that is open on three sides. If that is the case, the Non-Zip screen system will be great for keeping the sun out of your eyes while you visit with family and friends, as well as give you additional privacy on your patio. If your home has a sunroom or screened-in porch, the Vivista Shade Screen will be ideal. 

Consider Your Goals for Your Shade Screen

Before selecting which screen to go with, you’ll want to consider your goals for your space. What problems do you want it to solve for you in order to make your space more enjoyable? Do you want it to reduce your electricity usage and/or costs? Do you want it to add just a bit of privacy or a great deal of privacy? Is bug control important to you? Will you be satisfied if the sun is blocked from the sides of your space, or do you need the sun blocked overhead as well? Answer these questions, and you’ll begin to clearly see which shade screen your family needs. 

Take Lifestyle into Account

The last thing we recommend you take into account when selecting your shade screen is your lifestyle. Think about who uses your space and how your space is used most often. Here are a few more questions to ask yourself: Will I have my screens down in the wind often? Will my screens be used mostly at night for bug control or during the day for sun control? Is privacy very important to me? Be sure to really consider your current habits as well as the ideal, additional ways you will be able to use your space once you have the correct shade screens in place. Connect with a local SummerSpace dealer today to get any additional questions you may have answered.

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