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Window Awnings That Are Always in Style

September 4, 2023

In a world of trends that change faster than the daily news, choosing the right shade products for your home can be a bit nerve wracking. Will it still look great in a few years? Will it go out of style? Will it make my house look old and dated? When it comes to SummerSpace® window awnings, you can put these fears to rest. Our window awnings are timeless and versatile structures that not only provide much-needed shade but also elevate the aesthetics of your home’s exterior. Check out these three window awning options that are always in style. 

Robusta Window Awnings

Make your neighbors jealous for years to come with the Robusta Window Awning. Choose from hundreds of beautiful Tempotest® fabric color options to get just the appearance you desire. More than just stunning good looks, these awnings do an exceptional job of protecting your home from solar glare, heat gain, and UV damage. 

The specialized arm-tensioned fabric and design allow the awning to be extended to just the right angle for maximum shaded protection. Then, when you’d like a more open view, you can easily and quickly retract the awning into its headbox. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Robusta Window Awnings are engineered using premium-grade materials, ensuring they can withstand the test of time.

Aluminum Window Awnings

For the perfect blend of elegance and functionality, these awnings are carefully crafted to enhance the aesthetics and utility of your home. SummerSpace Aluminum Awnings are made with two coats of baked-on premium enamel finish available in 13 beautiful colors. The horizontal design and thoughtful construction allow for seamless integration into any house or architectural style. Effortlessly elevate your curb appeal while optimizing shaded comfort with aluminum window awnings. 

Known for their impressive durability, these window awnings are rust free and all-weather durable, capable of handling harsh UV rays and normal loads of rain and snow.

Vivista Retractable Window Drop Shade

While not an awning, the Visista Window Drop Shade is worth considering as it provides excellent performance and beauty just like our other window shade options. This shade solution is extremely effective at blocking the sun’s glare, preventing heat gain in your home, and providing privacy.  Plus, with remote control operation, you can extend or retract your window shades whenever you’d like. Choose from our array of stunning Tempotest fabrics or premium 5% open mesh for the exact look you desire. 

Looking for a temporary shade solution, a poor investment, or a passing style? You won’t find those things with any of our SummerSpace window awnings. Just the opposite. Each of our wonderful window awnings are built to last with intelligent design and premium components. Even more, their unique and stunning design gives them a lasting and enduring look that will always be in style. You can trust SummerSpace with your shade solutions for a classy, timeless look you will love as much on day one as you do in the years to come. Contact your local dealer today to get started!

Window Awnings that Are Always in Style

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