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Why You Still Need a Zip Shade Screen Even During Winter

Without question, a zip shade screen for your outdoor area is one of summer’s greatest and most desirable accessories! However, the impeccable power and quality of SummerSpace® shade screens make it an exceptional tool for all four seasons. Here is why you need a zip shade screen even during winter.

Block Low-Lying Winter Sun

During the winter months, the position of the sun in relation to the Earth along with the angle that the sun hits our atmosphere makes it appear lower in the sky. From sunup to sundown, it stays closer to the horizon. Though we think of the need for sunglasses and intense sunshine as a summer problem, low-lying winter sun can also cause intense solar glare for these reasons. This is especially true in the morning and evening hours. Having a zip shade screen allows you to block the winter glare and enjoy your outdoor space all season long.

Four Seasons of Privacy

At SummerSpace, we know the importance of time alone without feeling watched, judged, or intruded upon. Having privacy in your own backyard adds additional safety and peace to time spent outdoors. With a zip shade screen, you can create the privacy you desire in your outdoor structure. Made with high-quality Phifer® mesh, you can select the design and openness factor to increase or decrease the see-through ability of your screen. With limited daylight hours throughout the winter, spending meaningful time outside is important. In addition, during the winter, privacy plants may have lost their leaves and a bit of privacy with it. A zip shade screen allows you to feel safe and at ease. 

The Warm Days of Winter

Depending on where you live, winter weather can vary greatly from one day to the next. Especially in southern states, winters are relatively mild with days, even weeks, of outright warm weather. When these warm streaks occur, those pesky, flying insects will show up again. SummerSpace zip shade screens are the perfect solution for blocking out mosquitoes, moths, and flies, among others, even in the winter. In fact, our FlexShade® Zip Traditional Screen seals to the side of your structure to leave your outdoor area completely bug free! 

Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Chilly winter weather can send your heating and electric bill through the roof. One way to increase your home’s energy efficiency during these times is to allow the sun’s natural heat to contribute toward warming your home. SummerSpace’s zip shade screens are fully retractable, allowing you to make use of them whenever you’d like. On cold winter days, you can easily retract your zip shade screens into the discreet headbox using a remote control. Once retracted, the sun can reach your home’s windows and doors to help with naturally heating it. Then, on warmer days extend your screens again for their powerful sun and heat blocking abilities. 

Don’t let another season go by without a Zip Shade Screen from SummerSpace! Contact a dealer in your area to order yours today.

Why You Still Need a Zip Shade Screen Even During Winter

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