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When Is the Best Time to Get Door Canopies?

Timing is key when it comes to your home improvement projects. The right timing will maximize its effectiveness and help you get the most for your money. The addition of door canopies to your home is no exception. When is the best time to get door canopies? As one of America’s premier outdoor living companies and the authority in shade solutions to improve your home, SummerSpace® can help you get the timing just right. Here are a few of the best times to get door canopies for your home.

Before Summer Heat

Perhaps the most obvious time of year to do so, installing door canopies before summer allows you to shade your door and entryway from the stifling heat. The shade of a door canopy can make it feel as much as 20 degrees cooler inside. However, it can do far more than just keeping you cool as you enter your home. Door canopies can help lower your home’s interior temperature, reduce residential cooling costs, prevent UV damage to your home’s interior, and provide additional home comfort. 

Additionally, before summer is a great time to install canopies because of spring and summer rain showers. SummerSpace Aluminum Door Canopies have built-in front rain gutters to redirect those frequent showers away from your entryway so you, your door, and your home can remain dry. 

Before Winter Arrives

There should be no surprise that door canopies protect your home from the sun, though, perhaps you didn’t realize that SummerSpace’s high-quality canopies can also prevent wear and tear from winter weather. Not only that, they also provide covering when entering and exiting your home, sheltering your entryway. If you live in parts of the United States that are prone to frequent snow, ice, or other wintry mixes, you will love this home addition. Our aluminum door canopies are sturdy and durable. They are made with a heavy-duty mill finish aluminum framework and capable of enduring winter weather. 

Before the Holidays

You may also consider adding door canopies to your home before the holidays, when friends and family will frequent your home. You will no doubt impress your guests by installing our beautiful and effective canopies.

When You’re Ready for a New Home Look

If you’re looking to update and refresh your home’s exterior look, it may not require a major overhaul. The simple yet sophisticated addition of SummerSpace door canopies can instantly transform your home and enhance the curb appeal. Choose from 13 beautiful aluminum colors. Additionally, our door shades are extremely durable, double coated and rust free, ensuring it stays beautiful year after year. 

Now Is the Best Time to Get Door Canopies

No matter the season or circumstance, today is the best time to buy high-quality door canopies for your home! To order your SummerSpace Aluminum Door Canopy, contact your local SummerSpace dealer. You can also order coordinating SummerSpace Window Awnings. With our industry leading processing time, we will have your shade solutions shipped within eight days or less. Upgrade your home’s function and fashion today with SummerSpace. 

When is the Best Time to Get Door Canopies?

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