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What Works Better Than Shade Sails?

July 1, 2022

A number of shade products have gained in popularity over recent years, including shade sails, retractable awnings, and solar screens. Homeowners want something stylish, easy to maintain, flexible, convenient, and durable. Shade sails are gaining traction, but are they the best option for your backyard? Some of the disadvantages of shade sails include only providing partial sun protection, challenging installation, potentially blocking your view, and shade sails are permanent, unmovable fixtures. So, what works better than shade sails? Keep reading to learn why retractable awnings offer the best solar protection and are just what you’re looking for!

Retractable Awnings Provide More Complete Solar Protection Than Shade Sails

Shade sails provide adequate shade for a set location. Once installed, the amount and location of the shaded area adjusts with the sun’s angle throughout the day. For example, during the morning and late afternoon hours, it is low on the horizon. With a shade sail, the morning or late afternoon sun may angle in too low creating a harsh glare. However, Pro Series Traditional 87 retractable awning by SummerSpace is uniquely equipped with flex pitch. Flex pitch allows you to adjust the angle of the front bar to perfectly shield from sunrise, sunset, and any other odd sun glares.

Retractable Awnings Move Out of Your Way When You Want Sunshine

A shade sail is a permanent fixture in your backyard. Winter days, summer days, sunny days, cloudy days, cool days and warm days: the area is always shaded with a shade sail. On the other hand, awning shades by SummerSpace are retractable. This means you get to choose when you’d like to have shade. Enjoy the sun when you want and the shade of your retractable awning when you don’t. 

Retractable Awnings Don’t Need Support Beams Like Shade Sails

All shade sails require at least three support beams to uphold it, though most require four or more. This means you have to install unsightly columns in your backyard that may disrupt the flow of the space and block your view. The columns also make mowing the lawn more difficult, and can get in the way of other backyard activities. By contrast, a retractable awnings is mounted to the wall of your house, the soffit (eave or overhang), or on the edge of the roof. Some SummerSpace retractable awnings also have a discreet cassette that stores the awning out of sight when retracted. It is designed to be minimally noticable and to flow with the aesthetics of your backyard space.

Retractable Awnings Don’t Block the View Like Shade Sails

Your backyard view may be as grand as gorgeous mountain peaks or as quaint as a grassy lot. Regardless of what your view is, it’s yours to enjoy! Since a shade sail cannot be retracted, it can get in the way and block your view at times. Instead, a SummerSpace awning can be retracted when you’d like to take in your lovely backyard view.

So, if you’re looking for what works better than shade sails, the search is over. SummerSpace retractable awnings are the ideal way to shade your backyard space and create an outdoor spot you can enjoy all year long. Learn more about SummerSpace awnings and contact us with any questions. Order your retractable awnings today from one of our local dealers!

What Works Better Than Shade Sails?

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