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What is the Strongest Shade Cloth?

Searching for the perfect outdoor living awning? A retractable awning can transform your backyard into a shaded oasis to retreat for fun and relaxation. When looking to invest in a retractable awning shade, it’s important to find a product that is durable and will allow for long-term enjoyment. You also want to buy from a company that you trust for making retractable awnings with “built to last” parts. One of the most important components is the awning shade fabric. So, what is the best, and longest lasting shade fabric and who makes it? Let us explain why SummerShade’s fabric is the ideal awning shade fabric and why you will want it for your backyard this season!

SummerSpace’s Tempotest® Fabric

SummerSpace is the industry leader in producing high quality retractable awnings. Our shade fabrics are designed and constructed to perform. They are strong and durable for years of use and enjoyment. Our retractable awning fabric covers are made with high performing Tempotest® fabrics. All of our Tempotest fabrics are outfitted with Hi-Clean finishing. This fabric treatment repels water, oil, and grease. It also protects the shade cloth from mold and fungus growth. The Para Tempotest fabrics receive an additional Teflon® Extreme barrier making it highly repellent and self cleaning. Additionally, SummerSpace fabrics are resistant to fading so they maintain their beauty with use.  

Brauns and Beauty with SummerSpace

Not just strong and durable, SummerSpace fabrics are also beautiful. When adding a SummerSpace retractable awning to your backyard, choose from over a hundred attractive fabric options. Our awning fabrics come in solid colors, stripes, tweeds and textures. Additionally, you can choose from the SummerSpace exclusive linen weave. These Tempotest linen weave fabrics are especially strong due to their woven composition.  

SummerSpace Awning Frame

In addition to a strong, durable fabric, SummerSpace retractable awnings also have uniquely designed, strong metal frames. Additionally, all our frames come with a low gloss, textured powder coating. This creates a super durable finish that inhibits fading from intense UV rays and resists mold and fungus growth. 

SummerSpace Warranty

We believe so much in the strength and performance of our retractable awnings, that they come with frame, fabric, and motor limited warranties. To learn more about our warranties, contact our customer service team.

High Quality Production with SummerSpace

The strength of a product starts long before it reaches your home. When it comes to SummerSpace, strength is a core value of ours. We believe in strength of character, strength of integrity, strength in customer relations, and strength in manufacturing. This commitment to strength has helped make SummerSpace the leader in the outdoor living industry.  Our family owned and operated company strives to create high quality, strong products for our customers. In order to do this, we produce our awnings entirely from our 400,000 square foot factory in Maine. This allows us to keep a close eye on every step of the production process so we can ensure the highest quality product. 

If you’re searching for a retractable awning that is strong and long lasting, look no further than SummerSpace. From start to finish, our awning systems are made to be reliable and effective. Contact our team if you have any questions. To order your SummerSpace retractable awnings, reach out to our local deals today!

What is the Strongest Shade Cloth?

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