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The Easiest Way to Refresh the Exterior Look of Your Home

March 2, 2023

Have you been wishing Joanna Gaines could give you a few pointers on how to breathe new life and style into your home exterior? Well, before you declare your home a fixer upper, perhaps just a few small changes could make a big impact on updating your home and for way less than a full home makeover. No doubt, one of the easiest and most beautiful ways to refresh the exterior look of your home is the addition of residential awnings. Here are a few of the ways exterior awnings can update and enliven your home.

Add a Pop of Fresh Color

Sometimes, a simple pop of color is all a home needs to give it a fresh, made-over look. With SummerSpace®, both the Aluminum Window Awnings and the retractable Robusta® Window Awnings are available in a variety of beautiful color options. 

The Aluminum Window Awnings come in 13 stunning baked enamel colors. Some of our favorites include Evergreen, Brick Red, and Slate Blue. Equally as handsome, Robusta Window Awnings are made with high performance Tempotest® fabrics in your choice of over 100 striking solids, stripes, textures and tweeds. Can’t pick just one? Mix and match these Robusta Awning Colors to create a comprehensive exterior look for your home.

There’s No Place Like Home

Truly, there is no place like home. But, if your house feels cold, drab, or out of date, it may not feel like home. Residential awnings can help give your house that intangible feeling that transforms a house into a home. Add welcome, coziness, and style to your exterior with window and door awnings and be proud to call it your home.

Retractable Window Awnings Give You Options

Have you ever been accused of being indecisive? If so, then the Robusta Window Awning is a great option for you. These beautiful residential awnings are retractable, giving you the freedom to choose between fully extended, fully retracted, or somewhere in between. This is ideal for use through the changing weather and seasons, but it also allows you to vary the exterior look of your home. Simply use the remote to control your awnings however you’d like.

Protect Your Exterior Doors

A faded, battered, or weather-damaged door is not only an eye sore, it can also instantly age your home’s appearance. This damage occurs from being exposed to the outside elements, most notably UV rays, rain, wind, snow, and ice. By adding a residential awning to your door, you can prevent this damage and keep your door looking sharp.

SummerSpace’s Aluminum Door Canopies are heavy duty with two coats of baked enamel. Each door canopy features a front rain gutter to help direct water away from your door and keep you dry. Our Aluminum Door Canopies are available in custom sizes to perfectly fit your entryway and give it a fresh new look.

To learn more about SummerSpace’s residential awnings, contact our legendary customer service team today. We’d be happy to answer questions, make suggestions, and help however else we can. Additionally, you can contact one of our trusted dealers in your area to order residential awnings today. Give your home a simple, refreshing makeover with SummerSpace.

The Easiest Way to Refresh the Exterior Look of Your Home

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