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When is the Best Time to Invest in Window Awnings?

January 9, 2023

At SummerSpace®, we know this to be true beyond measure: Window awnings are a worthwhile and highly beneficial home investment! This is especially accurate when it comes to high-quality SummerSpace window awnings. With this home addition, you not only get a beautiful home accent, but also substantial energy savings, UV protection for your home interior, and more! This makes it an easy choice to add window awning to your home. But when should you pull the trigger to get the most for your time and money? Here are a few of the best times to invest in window awnings.

When You First Buy Your House

Get the most for your investment by installing window awnings soon after buying a new home. As a new homeowner, you want to maximize your investment. You can enjoy the advantages of awnings as long as you stay in that home. With SummerSpace’s exceptional product quality and multi-year warranties, you can enjoy the benefits of your window awnings for years to come in your new home.

When Renovating Your House

Are you ready for demo day? A home renovation is a great way to create the home you desire all while improving its curb appeal, energy efficiency, and increasing the overall value. If you’re considering a home renovation, consider adding window awnings for these reasons.

Before Spring and Summer Begin

Did you know that UV radiation is more intense in spring and summer? This is because of the sun’s position in the sky and the amount of atmosphere the light rays have to travel through during those seasons. Installing window awnings before the spring and summer begins will allow you to make great use of their exceptional UV protection. 

When You’re Looking to Protect Your Home’s Interior

Perhaps without you even knowing, the interior of your home is prone to damage from the sun’s rays. Over time, UV sunlight can cause fading, discolorations, deterioration, warping, brittleness, and more.  Prevent this irreversible damage to your furniture, rugs, carpets, hardwoods, and decor with awnings. High-quality awnings for your windows will help block the sun’s rays. SummerSpace’s Robusta® Window Awnings can be adjusted from 0 degrees to 160 degrees to ensure you get the best, most protective angle through the day and as the seasons change. 

When You Want to Save Money

Being energy efficient with your home is good for the environment and good for your wallet! In hot months, sunlight coming in your window can transfer heat to your home’s interior, forcing your cooling system to work extra hard to keep inside temperatures down and your home comfortable. Prevent overworking your HVAC system and adding to your energy bill by blocking the sun’s light with window awnings. 

NOW is the Best Time to Invest

For maximum enjoyment and home comfort, NOW is the best time to invest in window awnings for your home! With ideal shade coverage, exceptional quality, and an outstanding warranty, you will be glad you invested in SummerSpace window awnings. Choose between the Robusta adjustable awnings made with marine-grade Tempotest® fabric, and the SummerSpace Aluminum Window Awnings, made with a durable baked-on enamel finish. Contact our amazing customer service team to learn more about the difference between our fixed and retractable window awnings and which option might be best for you. Order your SummerSpace Window Awnings today from a local independent SummerSpace dealer near you!

When is the Best Time to Invest in Window Awnings?

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