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SummerSpace Cabanas: Why Resorts and Country Clubs Are Trying an Alternative to Umbrellas

June 15, 2023

Resorts and country clubs are short-staffed and work hard every day to make sure their guests are comfortable enjoying the pool, beach, and patio areas on those beautiful, sunny days. But chaos begins when the weather turns foul, and the staff must scramble to get dozens or even hundreds of umbrellas closed and secured. The solution: SummerSpace® cabanas.

SummerSpace Cabanas Versus Umbrellas

At SummerSpace, we invest significant resources into the research and development of our premium shade solutions. That’s how we are able to sell high-performing open air cabanas that accommodate both resort guests and staff where umbrellas can’t.

SummerSpace’s Open Air Cabanas offer numerous advantages over umbrellas. Here are a few of the top reasons resorts and clubs are turning to them as a new vacation season kicks into full gear.

Resistant to High Winds and the Elements

We know how quickly a blissful summer breeze can turn into a turbulent gale when you’re guests are relaxing poolside or on the beach. When that happens, all those expensive umbrellas hovering over them start trembling like giant toadstools ready to pop out of the ground with the next gust. Soon, your staff is frantically trying to “batten down the hatches” one by one, lest the strong winds damage the umbrellas or, worse, go airborne and take out anything in its path.

SummerSpace’s cabanas offer a different scenario. If the occasional high winds sweep through your private paradise, they won’t fling your staff into a state of emergency. Our Open Air Cabanas have been rigorously tested to withstand wind loads of over 100 miles per hour. They achieve this market-leading wind rating by virtue of their heavy-duty aluminum frames with welded aluminum legs and fully framed roof systems. 

The aluminum hardware is powder-coated with our proprietary SummerShield™ finish which enables not only better wind resistance but also protects against the salty air conditions you find in beach areas.  

Made With Customizable, Marine-Grade Fabric

Any shade solution is better when you can customize its look to fit the décor of your resort or country club. This is another area in which SummerSpace cabanas score high marks. Each cabana is covered with marine-grade Tempotest® acrylic fabrics. This Italian-made fabric is available in over one hundred colors, patterns, and textures to suit your outdoor environment perfectly.

Not only is this fabric aesthetically appealing, but it also boasts the same strength as its hardware counterparts. Tested in the wintry climate of Maine, the Tempotest fabric on SummerSpace cabanas can withstand normal snow loads. 

Provide Wide Shade Coverage

Umbrellas and cabanas share a common purpose: to provide shade and protection from the sun. But while their purposes are identical, the extent to which they succeed is not.

Umbrellas, with their single leg of support, are limited in size and shape. Cabanas, on the other hand, have the potential to be bigger and more varied in their shape thanks to their multiple legs of support.

SummerSpace cabanas, for instance, come in either octagon, square, or rectangular models. Their sizes range as follows:

  • Octagon: 13-foot footprint, 15-foot footprint
  • Square: 8 feet by 8 feet, 10 feet by 10 feet, 12 feet by 12 feet, or 16 feet by 16 feet
  • Rectangle: 12 feet by 16 feet 

With sizes and shapes like these, there’s enough room for your guests to lounge comfortably or even host parties under the sun without the disruption of intense solar heat or UV rays. Additionally, our cabanas give you the option to incorporate privacy curtains into the structure — a convenience umbrellas don’t offer.

SummerSpace Cabanas for Your Resort or Country Club

Offering your guests a satisfying vacation or recreation experience starts with investing in high-quality amenities for your property. As the previous examples demonstrate, SummerSpace cabanas offer a level of functionality and style that will help turn your guests into repeat customers.

When you’re ready to upgrade your space, visit our Plan Your Project tool on our website. This will help you customize a set of cabanas for your property and link you to a SummerSpace dealer near you.

A row of brightly colored SummerSpace Cabanas sit at the edge of a resort's inground pool.

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