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4 Reasons to Add a Drop Screen to Your Retractable Awning

Just when you thought SummerSpace® retractable awnings couldn’t get any better, you learn about the drop screen add-on feature. Indeed, the drop screen is a customer-favorite option that you do not want to miss! Our drop screens are made of premium Phifer® SheerWeave® solar mesh and integrate seamlessly into the awning’s front bar. With the motorized operation, you can easily extend or retract the screen using remote control. From our team at SummerSpace, here are four reasons you should consider adding a drop screen to your retractable awning.

The Gift of Privacy

The relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere of retractable awnings can quickly diminish when you’re being watched. Eliminate the discomfort and awkwardness of the peering eyes of neighbors with a drop screen. When extended, this additional screen creates an excellent privacy barrier. Our drop screen mesh is made with a 5% openness factor, which allows natural light to shine through while still creating an effective privacy barrier. You can choose from one of our six beautiful mesh shades with varying see-through abilities to create the solitude you desire.

Even More Sun Protection and Shade? Yes, Please!

SummerSpace retractable awnings do an exceptional job of protecting users from the sun. But, the setting sun or the low-lying winter sun can allow bright rays below the reach of the awning’s cover. With a drop screen, this is no problem. Simply lower the sun-blocking mesh screen to prevent UV rays or the sun’s bright glare from bothering you, no matter the time of day or month of the year. In fact, our mesh drop screens add up to four feet of vertical shade.

Take Care of Your Little Ones

How can a drop screen help little ones? We’re glad you asked! Even when the sun is not low in the sky, children and pets are still prone to sun exposure under your awning because of their smaller stature. While an adult may be comfortable in the shade of a retractable awning, small children and furry friends can be low enough to the ground for the sun to bother them or expose them to UV rays. A drop screen extends the reach of the shade protection so your two- and four-legged babies are taken care of as well. 

Energy Efficiency for Your Home

The shaded protection of a retractable awning makes time in your outdoor space more pleasant and enjoyable. However, its benefits extend to your home’s interior as well. Our premium grade Tempotest® awning fabric is capable of blocking the sun’s heat and UV rays from entering your home. As a matter of fact, SummerSpace retractable awnings can block solar heat gain by as much as 77%, saving you big on energy costs and HVAC requirements.

Now, enter a drop screen. Our drop screens, with impressive sun-blocking abilities of their own, extend the reach of your shade protection. That means even greater solar blocking, even greater energy efficiency, and even greater monthly savings for you.

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The optional drop screen feature is available on two of our retractable awning series. Choose from the Simple Shade or Pro Series, with widths ranging from 8’ to 26’ and projections ranging from 5’ 9” to 14’ 6”. To learn more about our retractable awnings and the much-loved drop-screen option, contact a local dealer near you today

Reasons to Add a Drop Screen to Your Retractable Awning

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