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Is It Hard to Maintain a Retractable Awning?

Most things in life require at least a little upkeep and maintenance from time to time. This is true of your car, your home appliances, and even your body. But when maintenance on these things is time and energy consuming, it can turn a simple chore into a nuisance or burden. So, what about patio awnings? Is it hard to maintain a retractable awning? At SummerSpace®, our team worked hard to design and create an industry-leading awning that not only provides excellent solar protection but is also easy to maintain. Keep reading to learn more about SummerSpace Retractable Awning maintenance. 

Superior Awning Components Minimize Maintenance Needs

Thanks to excellence in components and construction, SummerSpace retractable awnings have minimal ongoing maintenance needs. All SummerSpace awnings are made with marine-grade Tempotest® awning fabric. These acrylic fabrics are not only beautiful, they are extremely durable and long lasting. Tempotest fabric is also waterproof and resistant to stains, mold, and fading. In addition, SummerSpace applies two fabric finishes to further protect your awning. Both the Hi-Clean® finishing and the Teflon® Extreme coating create a barrier around each fiber of the fabric that repels oils, grease, and water, and prevents mold or other growth from forming.

In addition, the frame, hood, and front bar of all our outdoor living awnings and made with corrosion resistant aluminum and have a proprietary SummerShieldTM finish. SummerShield is a powder coated frame finish that additionally protects the frame from the elements. It has antimicrobial and fade-resistant properties to keep your awning clean and beautiful even over time.

SummerSpace Awning Best Practices

A few habits to awning ownership will ensure your shade solution remains in good condition. First, remember your awning is intended to protect you from the sun. In the event of winds, rain, or other weather, your awning should be retracted to prevent damage. 

In addition, we recommend you never leave your awning unattended in the extended position. When you decide to head inside or leave the awning area, you can easily retract it in just a matter of seconds. 

Easy, Breezy Retractable Awning Care

From time to time, we recommend you inspect your outdoor living awnings for proper function and cleanliness. If you notice anything that looks out of place, you can always give our wonderful customer support team a call.

In addition, if you notice pollen, air pollution, or other debris on your awnings, you can use warm, soapy water and a soft bristled brush to clean the surface of your awning. After scrubbing with soap, be certain to rinse thoroughly.

How Often Do I Clean My Awning? 

Location can also make a difference on your retractable awning’s maintenance needs. If you live near the ocean, we recommend you thoroughly clean your awning’s frame and fabric with soap and water at the beginning and end of each season. If you don’t live by the ocean, then cleaning your awnings once a year is usually adequate. It’s often a good idea to clean and inspect your awning at the start of spring right before frequent use ramps up. Of course, you can clean your awning at any time throughout the year as you see fit to do so.

With simple yearly maintenance, your SummerSpace retractable awning will look great and function well for years and years. Plus, all our outdoor living awnings are backed with frame, fabric, and motor warranties. Contact your local dealer to learn more about our outdoor living awnings and their many excellent benefits. Order your SummerSpace awning today!

Is It Hard to Maintain a Retractable Awning?

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