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How to Expertly Measure for Shade Screens

We enjoy customized coffee, personalized spring break tees, and tailor-made home decor. Why expect anything less with your home shade solutions?! All SummerSpace® shade screens are custom made to fit your exact needs. That means, of course, that you need accurate measurements before placing an order. But, before fretting over how to expertly measure for shade screens, know that we aim to make the process nearly effortless for our customers. Follow these three simple steps for perfectly sized, custom shade screens for your home. 

Step One: Choose Your Preferred SummerSpace Shade Screen

When it comes to shade screens, SummerSpace offers four wonderful and much-loved options, including three FlexShade® screens and the Vivista Window Drop Shade. Starting with the FlexShade screens, choose from the Zip Traditional, Non-Zip, or Tension Zip screen systems. The Zip Traditional provides unmatched shade, privacy, and insect protection for your porch, deck, gazebo, or other outdoor structure. The built-in Zip retention channel seamlessly seals the screen to the side of your structure. Your shade screens can be easily retracted at the push of a button. 

Similarly, our Non-Zip screens offer the same exceptional shade and privacy and are fully retractable. While not sealed to the side of your structure, they are held in place by side channels or tension cables. 

The Tension Zip Screen is best when you desire powerful shade and solar protection overhead. Installing a Tension Zip Screen over your pergola, open porch, or skylight will keep things cool, stop harmful UV rays, and prevent an uncomfortable glare.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Vivista Window Drop Shade. Installed over your windows, Vivista screens stop the glare and solar heat gain while increasing your in-home privacy. Then, easily retract the window screens when you’d like to enjoy the outward view. 

At SummerSpace, our shade screens are available in sizes from small windows to extra-wide openings. Choose the one that meets your shade and privacy needs. For help determining which might be best for you, feel free to contact our team.

Step Two: Contact Your Local Dealer 

Once you’ve decided which screen system is best, it’s time for the measurements. Remember, your part is simple. Start by contacting your local SummerSpace dealer. The dealer will arrange a time to come to your house and take the exact measurements needed. (See, we told you your part was simple!) At this time you will also receive an exact price quote, including installation.

Once the measurements are taken and your order is placed, our skilled craftsmen and women will get to work creating your custom shade screens.

Step Three: Enjoy the Shaded Bliss

After your order is placed, your shade screens will be ready for shipping in an impressive eight days or less. Upon arrival, your local dealer will work with you to set an installation date as soon as possible. Get ready to enjoy luxurious and comfortable shaded bliss with your SummerSpace shade screens.

As icing on the cake, you can enjoy using your SummerSpace shade screens for years to come thanks to our superior design, premium materials, industry-leading warranties, and a legendary customer service team.  Get started with the process by contacting your local dealer today!

How to Expertly Measure for Shade Screens

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