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How to Enjoy Your Back Porch Without Dealing with Insects

Buzz, chirp, trill…. Sitting on your porch listening to the soothing sounds of nature’s symphony can be peaceful and relaxing. That is, until those same buzzing and biting insects decide to join you, turning feelings of peace into annoyance, frustration, and even pain. At SummerSpace®, making outdoor living comfortable and enjoyable is our mission, and that includes keeping bugs from bothering you. Let us explain how to enjoy your back porch without dealing with insects.

Does Bug Spray Work?

One option for ridding your back porch of biting insects is to spray yourself and all other porch users with bug spray. Bug sprays work by using chemical means to cover up your human scent while also repelling insects with a scent they don’t like. While not 100% effective, bug spray can deter insects from being near you on your back porch.

However, the chemicals found in bug spray can be irritating to your skin and hair and even cause color fading or stains to clothing. Additionally, it is not intended for prolonged use. Applying it every day, or even multiple times a day, is not encouraged — especially for little ones. 

Are Citronella Candles or Torches Effective?

While citronella candles or torches look charming, they are not an effective means for keeping bugs from pestering those on your back porch. Many insects, including mosquitoes, do not like the scent of citronella. But, unless you’re directly next to the flame or smoke, mosquitoes are undeterred by it and will continue to be a bother. Also, if there is even a light breeze, the candles or torches can easily blow out. 

Can I Minimize the Lights on My Back Porch?

Both stinging and non-stinging (but still bothersome) bugs are attracted to light. At night time, they are prone to swarm around the lights on your porch. It is easy to conclude, therefore, to simply turn off or greatly minimize your light use. While this may be a temporary solution, you should be able to enjoy your outdoor space in its full glory, lights and all. Don’t let insects prevent you from enjoying time on your back porch even with lights on.

What About Insect Repellent Plants?

Perhaps you’ve heard of this old farmer’s trick. The claim is that the natural smell of certain plants such as lemongrass, basil, and lavender, will keep bugs away.  This, however, is mostly farmers’ legend and is not super beneficial. In most cases, the oils would have to be extracted from the plants first to be useful.

Keep Insects from Your Back Porch with FlexShade Screens

If you truly want to keep insects from your back porch, install a FlexShade® Zip Screen. The FlexShade Zip Screen Systems use a built-in retention channel to seal to the side of your porch and prevent any insect from entering. Additionally, FlexShade screens are fully retractable. During prime insect hours, easily extend your screens at the touch of a button. Then, when insects are not a problem, retract your screen in a matter of seconds. Even more, FlexShade screens provide solar protection, rain and wind protection, and additional privacy for your back porch. 

Our screens systems are made with high-quality Phifer® mesh available in an array of colors and opacities and our ultra-durable, powder coated frame. All FlexShade screens are backed with 10-year frame, 10-year fabric, and 5-year motor warranties. Choose from the Zip 92, Zip 127, or Zip 127 XL models.

Get exceptional insect protection with SummerSpace! Enjoy outdoor dining without the flies and share conversations on your porch without mosquito bites. Order a FlexShade Screen today! SummerSpace screens are sold throughout the US and installed by a dealer near you. Contact your local dealer to get started and enjoy your back porch insect free!

How to Enjoy Your Back Deck Without Dealing with Insects

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