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How Strong Are SummerSpace Open Air Cabanas?

July 3, 2023

With the arrival of summer, many of us seek ways to make the most of the great outdoors. Whether it’s hosting backyard gatherings, lounging poolside, or enjoying some alone time in nature, SummerSpace® Open Air Cabanas are an excellent choice for both residential and commercial use.

These elegant and versatile structures provide a unique experience of blending indoor and outdoor spaces. And with such a useful addition to your outdoor space, you may be wondering, “How strong are SummerSpace Open Air Cabanas?” We’re excited to delve into the construction, materials, and features that make SummerSpace Open Air Cabanas strong and reliable.

Structural Design and Engineering

The strength and stability of any structure lies in its design and engineering. SummerSpace Open Air Cabanas are designed by an experienced team of engineering professionals who understand the importance of robust construction. The cabanas are engineered to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring they can endure both high winds* and heavy rainfall. The structural integrity is achieved through a combination of the tapered leg with an inverted buttress design, paired with anchored footings and Tempotest® Italian fabric of the highest durability and advanced finishings

High-Quality Materials

To ensure longevity and strength, SummerSpace Open Air Cabanas are constructed using high-quality materials. The frames are made of sturdy powder-coated aluminum, providing a solid foundation for the structure. Aluminum is known for its lightweight nature and resistance to rust and corrosion, making it an excellent choice for outdoor applications. 

SummerSpace offers a beautiful collection of linen weaves, stripes, and solid tones and textures from Tempotest that make your Open Air Cabana unique and stunning. These fabrics come in hues that perfectly complement the season. The fabric texture adds depth and character to any space, making them suitable for both casual and refined settings. Treated with Teflon® Extreme fabric coating to ensure they last, your cabana fabric even includes a 10-year warranty

Additional Features for Added Strength

For additional strength and stability, you’ll discover a variety of industry-leading features that enhance the cabana’s resilience. These include removable panels, reinforced connectors, and anchor kits. Removable curtain panels provide protection from wind and rain, while reinforced connectors ensure a secure and robust frame. Anchor kits allow the cabana to be firmly secured to the ground or decking, reducing the risk of movement during inclement weather.

When it comes to the strength and durability of SummerSpace Open Air Cabanas, you can rest assured that these structures are designed and constructed to stand the test of time. The combination of thoughtful engineering, high-quality materials, and additional features ensures that these cabanas can withstand various weather conditions while providing an inviting and comfortable outdoor space. 

Choose Your Open Air Cabana Today

Whether you envision a tranquil reading nook, an entertainment area for social gatherings, or a cozy spot to enjoy the beauty of nature, SummerSpace Open Air Cabanas are a strong and reliable choice for your outdoor needs. Contact your local SummerSpace dealer today to find the perfect cabana for your space.

*Note: SummerSpace recommends that your cabana fabric covering is removed in the event of severe weather. Resort-quality Open Air Cabanas are structurally engineered to withstand wind speeds in excess of 115 mph (aluminum frame with a fabric cover) to 175 mph (aluminum frame only) for all sizes. 

A beautiful view of SummerSpace Open Air Cabanas next to a lake.

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