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How Retractable Awnings Improve Curb Appeal

November 14, 2022

What modifications do you place around your home to improve its curb appeal? Vegetation? New concrete? What about retractable awnings? Indeed, if you want to truly maximize the outward appeal of your home, you may want to look a little north of the curb.

A retractable awning constructed and placed with expert precision can boost your curb appeal to a level that may surprise you. This is the level of quality we aim for in the retractable awnings we create at SummerSpace®.  

There are plenty of ways a retractable awning draws more eyes and interest toward your home. Here are some of our favorites.

Accenting Home Design

Curb appeal is all about making a statement that says your home is beautiful, welcoming, and well kept. Naturally, you want to incorporate elements that fit well with the preexisting structure.

This is where the versatility of a retractable awning really shines. SummerSpace awnings are made from marine-grade Tempotest® fabric available in hundreds of colors, patterns, and textures. This allows you to customize your awning for the best look possible.

Perhaps your front porch could use a splash of color to break up the neutral tones in your home’s siding, stucco or brick. Or maybe you want to add a set of pinstripes into the décor for a clean, sophisticated look. Whatever your vision, you have the ability to take the exterior design to the next level with your awning.

Protecting Ground-Based Decorative Features 

Your curb appeal is only as solid as the ground upon which your home is built. So take a close look at the ground-based features hugging the outside of your house. The patio. The pool deck. That English garden you assembled so beautifully. These, too, can benefit from a retractable awning.

Excessive sunlight and heat can make enjoying these areas a challenge. But SummerSpace awnings help shield you, your patio furniture, your flowers, and other valuable elements in your outdoor living spaces from harsh sun glare, light precipitation, and 99% of harmful UV rays. Furthermore, they lower the temperature of the space underneath by as much as 20 degrees.

So, if you want the ground beneath your feet to enhance your home’s curb appeal, install a retractable awning above it.

Shielding the Home’s Interior

Yes, outdoor features are the primary contributors to curb appeal. However, that doesn’t mean your home’s interior doesn’t belong in the conversation. Here, again, retractable awnings prove highly useful.

Think about how your front room is decorated. How well will that expensive furniture and drapery hold up when exposed to direct sunlight? Eventually, the sun fading will take the vibrancy out of those pieces, and the picture they present through that window will suffer accordingly.

But with a retractable window awning, not only do you help protect your home furnishings from sun fading, but you limit the amount of heat entering it. This translates to savings on energy costs in the warmer months. Money saved on running your home means more freedom to make upgrades!

Final Tips on Retractable Awnings for Curb Appeal

As the examples above prove, retractable awnings can enhance your home’s curb appeal in various ways. That being said, keep a few best practices front and center so your awning remains an asset rather than a burden.

  • Keep your awning clean.
  • Retract it in rainy or windy conditions.
  • Consider investing in a cassette that will protect the fabric when retracted.

Visit our FAQ page for helpful tips on maximizing retractable awning use and longevity.

Customized Retractable Awnings for Your Home

No matter what you paid for your home, a retractable awning can make it look like a million bucks. Get in touch with a local independent SummerSpace dealer today to customize an awning for your home’s best look. You’ll love all the ways retractable awnings boost your curb appeal.

A brown retractable awning is extended from the front of a house with light blue siding. Retractable awnings like these can significantly enhance your home's curb appeal.

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