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How Can I Get a Patio Awning Cover?

July 25, 2022

Have you had enough of uncomfortable sun rays disrupting your time outside? Are you ready to shade your patio? Finding the best place to purchase a patio awning can be the difference in backyard enjoyment and backyard frustration. Where can I get a patio awning cover that I will love? Look no further than SummerSpace®, the industry’s premier awning manufacturer. Other companies may offer a similar product, but without a doubt it will prove less stellar, less quality, and less effective at shading your outdoor space. SummerSpace is the best source for an exceptional patio awning cover you will love.

Why SummerSpace for My Patio Awning Cover?

  • Superior Manufacturing

SummerSpace awnings offer superior manufacturing using the highest-quality materials sourced from the USA and around the world. Located in Auburn, Maine, every awning is assembled and examined with care and precision by our dedicated team.

  • Fully Retractable

Get shade on demand with SummerSpace. Our awnings are fully retractable – allowing you to create ample shade on your patio when it’s needed, and then also take in the night sky or soak up sun when you please. Retracting your patio awning is as simple as pushing a button, and it only takes a matter of seconds to retract into the discreet aluminum hood or cassette. 

  • Unmatched Quality

With SummerSpace, you get exceptional quality components that are head and shoulders above the competition. For one, each of our awnings have industry-leading aluminum frames with SummerShield aluminum powder coating. The awning covers are made with marine-grade Tempotest® fabric. Get quality you can count on with SummerSpace, backed by frame, motor, and fabric warranties.

  • Customized in Size and Design

Get shade made to fit your space. SummerSpace Pro Series and Professional Series awnings can be customized in width to the inch. Customized shade means a perfect fit and superior outdoor experience. 

Additionally, customize the style of your patio awning cover. Choose from up to six powder coated frame colors and a large array of fabric colors, textures, patterns, and tweeds to match your preference and outdoor aesthetics. Worried you won’t be able to pick from so many stunning options? Read here how to choose the perfect color awning for your patio.

  • Get Superior Shade NOW

Using a SummerSpace awning can reduce the temperature on your patio by up to 20 degrees! Are you ready to enjoy a cooler, shaded outdoor space? Well, good news: SummerSpace is fully stocked with a huge inventory ready to ship. With our massive 400,000 sq ft factory in Maine, there is no potential of running behind on inventory. In addition, we are proud to offer the industry’s fastest turnaround time, with all orders being shipped in only eight days or less! Get the shade you desire without the wait.

How to Order a SummerSpace Patio Awning Cover

If you’re ready for superior solar protection for your patio, our team is ready to help! Contact your trusted local SummerSpace dealer in your area to order. They can help answer your questions, choose the best awning series for you, show you fabric samples, and more. You can also get more of your questions about SummerSpace patio awnings answered on our FAQ page. Order your patio awning cover from SummerSpace today!

How Can I Get a Patio Awning Cover?

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