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Finding the Right Fabric Options When Buying a Window Awning

July 13, 2023

Wake up early or sleep in a little? Salad or burger for lunch? Meet up with friends or enjoy a low-key night in? Making decisions is a regular part of everyday life. In fact, according to Yahoo, most people make an average of 122 decisions each day. When it comes to the best fabric options for your window awnings, SummerSpace® can help make your decision an easy one. Here are the qualities the right fabric should have when you buy a window awning.

Choose Window Awning Fabric Options That Are Weather Resistant

Sunshine, rain, and wind, your window awning has to endure all weather types. Therefore, you want to select an awning fabric that will not only withstand but thrive through it all. The Tempotest® fabric used on Robusta® Window Awnings does just that. This impressive marine-grade fabric is waterproof, extremely durable, stain resistant, virtually maintenance-free, and resistant to mold and fungus.

At SummerSpace, our Tempotest fabric is also enhanced with both Hi-Clean® and Teflon® Extreme fabric coatings to further protect each individual fiber and make it repellent to water, grease, and oil. In addition, with our window awnings, you can select an optional WeatherGuard™ cover to protect the fabric when it is retracted. 

Choose a Sun Blocking Fabric

One of the primary functions of installing a window awning is to block the sun from entering your home. Unblocked solar rays can create a harsh glare, cause solar heat gain, and damage your home furnishings. Without question, finding an awning fabric that will block UV rays to prevent these things from occurring is the right choice.

So, how does the Tempotest fabric used on Robusta Window Awnings stand up against the sun? Impressively, it blocks up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Best of all, Robusta Window Awnings are retractable — allowing you to block the sun as needed and then easily retract the awning when you prefer to take in the view.

Choose a Fabric that Compliments Your Home Aesthetics

No, looks aren’t everything. But when it comes to your window awnings, appeal is certainly important. Window awnings add to the aesthetics of your home and, for this reason, you should find a fabric with a stunning look that you love.

At SummerSpace, we have awning fabrics available in more than 100 absolutely beautiful solid, stripe, texture, and tweed options. With such a vast fabric selection, you are sure to find the perfect look for your window awnings.

Choose a Fabric That Will Last

Window awnings are an investment in your home and comfort, and, therefore, you want to find an awning fabric that can withstand years of use. The fabric used on Robusta Window Awnings is extremely durable, robust, and certainly made to last. In addition, the Teflon Extreme fabric treatment makes our awning fabric the most fade-resistant material used in the shading industry, meaning your window awning will look as great on day one as it does after years of use. Even more, all SummerSpace products come backed with industry-leading limited fabric, frame, and motor warranties.

Find the Best Window Awning Fabric with SummerSpace

With all the decisions you have to make on a regular basis, let SummerSpace take one off your plate. Get the absolute best fabric when you choose Robusta Window Awnings. To order your window awnings, contact a SummerSpace dealer near you. Your local independent dealer can show you fabric samples, make recommendations, and help you decide on the perfect awning look. Order your window awnings today, and we will have them shipped from our fully-stocked Maine warehouse in eight days or less. 

Finding the Right Fabric Options When Buying a Window Awning

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