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Finding the Right Covering Options When Purchasing an Open Air Cabana

July 24, 2023

Are you ready to purchase an Open Air Cabana? You’ve come to the right place! SummerSpace® is your premier source for outdoor shade solutions — specializing in making your time outside more comfortable, enjoyable, and pleasantly memorable. But first things first: you need to choose a covering for your cabana. From our team at SummerSpace, here are a few tips on finding the right covering options when purchasing an Open Air Cabana.

Consider the Size and Shape

SummerSpace Open Air Cabanas are available in three shapes and a variety of sizes. The best choice for you is completely dependent on how much coverage you want, your space, how you intend to use your cabana, and your personal preferences. In addition to the overall width listed below, each of our cabanas has a standard height of 6′ 8” or an optional extended height of 7’ 10”.

Choose from the following shape and size options:

  • Square Cabana: 8’, 10’, 12’, or 16’ options
  • Rectangular Cabana: 12’ x 16’ 
  • Octagonal Cabana: 13′ or 15’ options

Consider Customized Branding

For beach resorts, country clubs, hotels, and others in the hospitality industry, start by considering your company’s branding when choosing the right covering. Our Open Air Cabana fabric tops are made from marine-grade Tempotest® fabric, the industry’s best and most durable outdoor fabric. Select from dozens of color options in bright and bold solids, stripes, neutrals, and more, that are in sync with your company’s brand.

Even if you don’t go with on-brand color themes, you can still choose a covering that meets the overall feel of your company. For example, a beach resort might choose our Shoreline or Pacific Blue-colored covering for aquatic ambiance. Or, hotels might like neutral tones for cabanas along the pool to set the stage for relaxation and rest.

Consider Side Coverings As Well

In addition to the fabric top on your Open Air Cabana, SummerSpace offers optional corner curtains and privacy panels. Trust us, you will love your cabana even more with these beautiful fabric additions. Not only do they look stunning and classy, they are also highly useful. Draw one or all of the curtains and panels closed to block the sun or increase your privacy. Choose from the three lovely neutral-toned fabric color options: Toffee, White, or Silver. Additionally, the curtain tie can be coordinated to match the color of your roof fabric for a complete and cohesive look.

Consult with the SummerSpace Team

Have questions about our shade solutions? There is no better resource than our amazing team at SummerSpace! When trying to choose the best covering for your Open Air Cabana, we are happy to help you make the right choice. Contact our incredible customer service team, located at our headquarters in central Maine. They know our products in detail and can offer suggestions to assist you. Additionally, contact your local SummerSpace dealer. Our dealers can answer your questions, show you fabric samples, measure your space for the perfect cabana shape and placement, and more. 

Once you select the right covering, it’s time to order your Open Air Cabana! To place your order, contact a SummerSpace dealer near you today. 

Finding the Right Covering Options When Purchasing an Open Air Cabana

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