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Different Types of Retractable Awnings and Their Benefits

July 24, 2023

Are you ready to enjoy a space of soothing shade? Increase the style and versatility of your backyard or commercial space with a Retractable Awning from SummerSpace®. Unbelievably simple to extend into place with a remote-controlled motor, our retractable awnings are equally as easy to retract whenever you want. You’ll find that when your awning is in use, it delivers additional living space that your family and friends are sure to enjoy. What’s not to love about that?

So what are your options when it comes to superior outdoor living?

SummerSpace offers four unique lines of retractable awnings, each with its own set of features and benefits. Let’s break it down so you can choose the amazing awning to best fulfill your needs.

Simple Shade Series

The Simple Shade Series of retractable awnings can cover a width of 8 feet to 20 feet long. The awning comes in projections of 10’ 2”, 11’ 8”, or 13’ 2”, giving you options when it comes to how much shade your awning can deliver. Measure your space to determine how wide and deep of a shaded space you need and order accordingly. With 24 marine-grade Tempotest® fabric options in stripes, solids, and textured designs, it’s easy to select a fabric that beautifully reflects your style and home.

The Simple Shade Series comes in three models, with the biggest difference between the varying models being the way your Retractable Awning is stored when it’s not in use. The Traditional model simply rolls up when not in use, the Semi-Cassette offers overhead fabric protection when tucked away, and the Full Cassette will completely protect your awning when retracted — a great benefit when you want to guard your awning fabric and components when not in use.

Pro Series

Pro Series retractable awnings come in four models to give you a wonderful selection of choices for your home or business. If you need more than 20 feet of width in coverage, then the Pro Series is a great option to consider. The Traditional 77 and the Traditional with Flexpitch 87 can cover a width of 8 feet to 26 feet. The Semi-Cassette 97 and the Full Cassette 98 cover a width of 9 feet to 26 feet. All four models in the Pro Series have the following projection options: 5’ 9”, 6’ 11”, 8’ 6”, 10’ 2”, 11’ 8”, and 13’ 2”. You’ll also find over 100 durable and stunning fabric designs to choose from. 

To extend the life of your awning, add an optional aluminum hood to your Traditional 77 or Traditional with Flexpitch 87. In addition, the Traditional with Flexpitch 87 has a feature where you can adjust the angle of the awning with a hand crank. The Semi-Cassette 97 and the Full Cassette 98 provide fabric protection when retracted, giving coverage right where you need it most. 

Performance Series

Are you looking for even greater versatility? The Performance Series comes in three models that are strong enough for commercial use — a great option if extra durability is important to you. The Traditional 150 and the Semi-Cassette 250 can cover a width of 11 feet to 26 feet. And with projection options of 6’ 11”, 8’ 6”, 10’ 2”, 11’ 8”, 13’ 2”, and 14’ 6”, there’s plenty of shade to comfortably enjoy. The Full Cassette 300 can cover a width of 11 feet to 24 feet, and it can project to 6’ 11”, 8’ 6”, 10’ 2”, or 11’ 8”, depending on your needs. 

All three models in the Performance Series allow you to adjust the pitch of the awning to your liking, angling your awning for perfect protection as the sun shifts in the sky. The Traditional 150 offers some fabric protection when not in use, and both the Semi-Cassette 250 and the Full Cassette 300 provide enhanced fabric protection when retracted. You will also be able to choose your fabric from a wide selection of over 100 high-quality Italian fabrics — giving a beautiful aesthetic to any home or business. 

Simple Shade Series and Pro Series awnings can also be upgraded with wind sensors (standard on all Performance Series models) to automatically retract when it’s too windy for them to be safely extended — an amazing benefit from SummerSpace that you won’t find just anywhere.

Robusta Window Awning

The Robusta Window Awning is unique from the other awnings in that it is specifically designed to shade your windows, offering incredible protection and privacy. Robusta awnings offer several projection options that range between two and five feet. It also has the potential to cover a long series of windows, with a width that varies from four to 26 feet. The Robusta Window Awning boasts highly customizable shade control and, once again, the awning fabric you choose provides beauty and functionality you’ll love.  

As you can see, SummerSpace has an awning to enhance and protect any space. For superior shade solutions, contact your local SummerSpace dealer to choose the awning that is perfect for your needs.

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