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Are Retractable Awnings Worth the Investment?

They’re beautiful, customer-loved, and unquestionably useful. But are retractable awnings worth the investment? At SummerSpace®, we are confident you will find our awnings are absolutely worth it! Here are a few reasons why you can trust SummerSpace and purchase your retractable awnings with confidence.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Purchasing retractable awnings from SummerSpace is not only an investment in the here and now, it will continue to benefit you for years to come. Every SummerSpace awning comes with an industry-leading fabric, frame, and motor limited warranty. Our awnings are made with the finest construction and materials by skilled craftsmen. We fully believe in our products and want you to have peace of mind with your purchase. 

Just as amazing as our product warranties is our customer service team. If you ever have a question about your warranty or need to submit a claim, contact our team and get the answers you need.

Proven Family-Owned-and-Operated Values

More than 40 years ago, SummerSpace was founded on the principles that are essential to our family: integrity, reliability, honesty, and doing all things with excellence. Three generations later, our company has certainly grown, but we are proud to continue to make those same values the mark of who SummerSpace is. Partner with SummerSpace for your shade solutions and experience the difference. 

Save Every Month on Energy Costs

Keeping your home cool, especially in the summer months, can be especially taxing on both your wallet and your HVAC system. But, with the addition of retractable awnings, you will find a noticeable (and welcomed!) difference in your home cooling costs. 

Our retractable awnings are made with sun-blocking materials that prevent direct sunlight from shining on or entering your home. Stop solar heat gain from making your house feel warm and overworking your cooling system to keep up. Awnings can also block the sun’s UV rays, protecting your furniture, flooring, and other belongings from fading, deterioration, or other damage. 

Add Value and Curb Appeal to Your Home

Retractable awnings not only provide exceptional shade and comfort, but they also look good in the process. Add luxury, style, and sophistication to your outdoor space. Choose from more than 100 fabric selections in stunning solids, stripes, textures, and tweeds. You can make your awning a statement piece or allow it to seamlessly coordinate with your existing outdoor setting. 

In addition to curb appeal, adding retractable awnings to your home can also add to your property value. The stunning look of a SummerSpace awning, the additional space to gather, shaded comfort, and savings on energy costs are just a few of the reasons why awnings can increase your home’s market value. 

So, are retractable awnings worth the investment? Without a doubt! Don’t miss out on this proven and purposeful investment for your home. With superior sun-blocking abilities, improved home aesthetics, and a trustworthy, passionate company, we are certain you will be pleased with your decision to invest in SummerSpace Retractable Awnings. Ready to purchase? Contact a dealer near you today!

Are Retractable Awnings Worth the Investment?

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