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5 Reasons to Get a Shade Screen for Your Porch

August 11, 2022

What is your favorite way to spend time on your porch? For many, it’s sharing a meal with friends and family. It could be relaxing in rocking chairs while taking in the view. For others, it may be resting in peace and comfort of solitude while outside. Regardless of how you use your porch, the addition of a shade screen can increase your enjoyment and use. Here are five reasons to get a shade screen for your porch. 

1. Increased Privacy

The relaxation that you feel from being on your porch can be immediately reversed when you realize a neighbor is peering at you from their backyard. Avoid the awkwardness or discomfort of potential onlookers or unwanted small talk with a SummerSpace® shade screen. With our FlexShade® screens, you can customize your Phifer® mesh color, weave patterns, and openness factor for even greater privacy levels. When the FlexShade screen is extended, it transforms your porch into an outdoor room that allows you to relax in privacy again. 

2. Maximum Comfort

An afternoon on your porch can be cut short when the temperatures are unbearably high. Reclaim your porch with a retractable shade screen! FlexShade screens are capable of blocking up to 99% of solar heat transmission and significantly lowering the temperature on your porch. Enjoy spending time on your porch in comfort even on the hottest of days thanks to FlexShade shade screens. 

3. Superior Solar Protection

In addition to the discomfort of its heat, the sun can also emit harmful UV rays. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, UV rays are capable of causing skin cancer, causing permanent damage to your skin and eyes, advancing the effects of aging, and even suppressing your immune system. Installing a FlexShade screen on your porch can help protect your family from these damaging UV rays. In addition, blocking UV rays can prevent them from damaging your porch’s floors, paint or other finish, outdoor furniture, and even your home’s interior. 

4. Exceptional Insect Protection

Another common deterrent from outside enjoyment is when buzzing pests try to crash the party. Other methods for insect protection, such as citronella candles and bug spray, can be ineffective and leave you covered in chemicals. Just the opposite, FlexShade retractable screens are highly effective at preventing insects from entering your covered porch and causing problems. This is because the Zip Traditional style shade utilizes a built-in zip retention system to seal to your porch and create an effective barrier. As a result, insects are left out of your porch with no way to enter.

5. Reduce Energy Costs

In addition to immediate benefits, an outdoor shade screen has ongoing benefits you will love as well! By nearly eliminating all heat gain and preventing UV rays from entering your porch or home, you can experience significant energy savings. Installing FlexShade screens is an investment in your home with excellent energy savings.

With so many benefits, adding an outdoor shade screen to your porch is a no brainer! At SummerSpace, our retractable shade screens are in stock and ready to ship to you. We have a guaranteed eight-day or less turnaround time on the shipment of all orders, so you can start enjoying these shade screen benefits right away. To learn more about FlexShade screens and to order yours, contact your trusted SummerSpace dealer near you.

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