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3 Benefits of a Fixed Door Awning or Canopy

December 8, 2022

Winter is here, and the same thing happens every winter when you stand at your front door rummaging for the keys. You leave footprints in a blanket of snow while more snow falls on your head. So why not get a fixed door awning? You’ll add a stylish shield against the elements to the building and prevent yourself from looking like a snow creature every time you cross the threshold.

What is a Fixed Door Awning?

At SummerSpace®, we serve homes and businesses by providing state-of-the-art shade solutions including fixed door awnings. A fixed door awning is a solid awning that is secured to the exterior of a building. It provides shade and protection from the elements for the door and entryway. Our fixed awnings are made from aluminum with a heavy-duty mill finish framework — making them especially durable.

Fixed door awnings are useful in warm weather when they can help keep the interior of the building cool. They are just as useful in cold weather as an added layer of protection. As such, there are plenty of reasons to appreciate a fixed door awning in every season. Here are three of our favorites.

1. Shelter from the Storm

With a reliable fixed door awning, “Shelter from the Storm” is more than a great Bob Dylan song. It’s what’s waiting for you every time you venture to your door in inclement weather. 

Not only does a SummerSpace aluminum door awning shield you from driving rain, but it also has a built-in front rain gutter. This diverts the runoff away from your entry, so you don’t have to walk through a wall of water.

Our fixed door awnings perform just as well in the winter. The aluminum framework is strong enough to hold normal snow loads. This may come as good news if you’ve ever slipped and fallen on a snowy stoop. 

With that aluminum canopy catching the snow, you help prevent snow and ice accumulation on the ground around the entryway. What’s more, you’ll reduce the moisture permeating the building material beneath your feet. That means you may see less wear and tear to your entryway over time.

2. Durable and Rust Resistant

Indeed, a shield against the rain, snow, and sleet sounds wonderful. That is if the metal interacting with it doesn’t rust or corrode. Thankfully, SummerSpace aluminum awnings are engineered to be rust free. You don’t have to worry about an oxidized slurry running off your awning and onto you or your path.

And if you’re still wondering how one aluminum barrier can hold up against all that heavy-hitting weather, there’s even more good news. Each fixed awning is reinforced by one or more center mullions. These help prevent the awning from sagging under any accumulated precipitation. From the framework to the materials, SummerSpace awnings have everything needed to stay beautiful and fully functional for many years.

3. A Thing of Beauty

Speaking of beauty, let’s talk about how SummerSpace’s door awnings look on the facades of homes and businesses. Our aluminum canopies feature a two-coat baked-on enamel finish available in 13 gorgeous colors. 

From classic neutrals to rich jewel tones, we have a wide selection of looks to make the perfect statement on your structure. The size of the awnings are also customizabe. Whether you want to cover the back door or a grand entrance, installers collaborate with you on a design that has the perfect width and extension length.

Take a look at our gallery for some ideas on how past clients have mixed and matched awning colors and sizes to complement their homes or businesses.

Where Can I Buy a Fixed Door Awning?

The best fixed door awnings on the market are waiting for you with a trusted SummerSpace dealer. Locate your local independent dealer today. They can help you devise custom weather and shade solutions for your doors, windows, and favorite outdoor spaces.

Medium shot of a dark green fixed door awning situated above a dark wooden door.

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