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3 Advantages of Having an Open Air Cabana in Your Backyard for Summer

We’re all ready for some fun in the sun this summer, and having an Open Air Cabana in your backyard can help the fun feel more luxurious and even allow you to stay outside longer. Here are just three great advantages to having an Open Air Cabana right outside your back door this summer. 

Enjoy the Outdoors Longer

An Open Air Cabana is perfect for blocking out the toasty summer sun and allowing you to stay outside longer than you could if you weren’t able to block the hot summer rays. Amazingly, hanging out under the Open Air Cabana by SummerSpace® may lower the temperature by up to 20 degrees! Your family and friends will not only be able to avoid a sunburn, but the open sides will allow the breeze to flow right through.

Utilize More of Your Space

A great advantage of an Open Air Cabana is the versatility of where you can place it in your outdoor space. You can have it close to your home, giving you a sense of extra living space with a convenient location right outside your door. You may choose to place it poolside or even use it as a covering for your hot tub. If you have a larger backyard, your Open Air Cabana can be situated a short walk from your home to create a peaceful sitting area and a relaxing escape at the end of a long day. It can even be utilized as shade near your garden so you can prepare plants and harvest in comfort. The possibilities are truly endless, and the only trouble you may have is picking the most perfect spot for your family!  

Upgrade Your Backyard with Luxury

Adding an Open Air Cabana to your backyard will instantly add beauty to your space, regardless of where you decide to place it. If your cabana is used as a patio area, it will add luxury to an evening dinner party with friends as well as upgrade a midday birthday party for your kids. A poolside cabana with a few chaise-style lounge chairs set up underneath will undoubtedly bring a resort feel to your backyard. With a variety of finishes to choose from, you will absolutely be able to find the perfect combination to fit your family’s sophisticated style. 

Customizing Your Open Air Cabana 

Open Air Cabanas by SummerSpace come in three shapes: square, rectangular, and octagonal. The square cabana has four size options to choose from at 8’ x 8’, 10’ x 10’, 12’ x 12’ and 16’ x 16’. The rectangular cabana comes in one size at 16’ 5” x 12’ 6” that is sure to meet a variety of your needs. Lastly, the octagonal cabana comes in two sizes, with the smaller size having an overall width of 13’ 4” and the larger size having an overall width of 15’. Between a great selection of 24 durable roof fabrics by Tempotest® and nine SummerShield finishes for the cabana legs that are designed to withstand all weather conditions, you will be able to customize the perfect Open Air Cabana for your needs. Contact your local SummerSpace dealer to discuss specifics for your space, and you’ll be able to enjoy summer under your own personalized cabana!  

An open air cabana is perfect for any application.

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