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Modern Window Treatments Besides Drapery

June 7, 2022

Whether you’re decorating, renovating or just desperately in need of a shade solution, a modern window treatment will add fashion and function to your living space. One of the most commonly used window treatments are draperies. While drapery window panels give you privacy and add drama to a room, they are also tricky to clean, take up lots of space, and can give an outdated look. At SummerSpace® , we have years of experience and know-how in creating window shade and privacy with a modern look. Consider these modern window treatments besides drapery that would give your space a new, functional look. 

Modern Window Treatments: Exterior Shutters

Installing shutters on the exterior of your home or business can give it a fresh, stylish look. Modern shutters come in a variety of shapes and designs to choose from. In addition, functional exterior shutters can be closed over your windows for privacy and sun protection when needed. 

Modern Window Treatments: Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are similar to blinds but much more stylish. They are installed on the interior of your window and the slates, also known as louvers, can easily be opened and closed by hand. 

Modern Window Treatments: Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds offer a simple but sophisticated window treatment for your space. Roman Blinds are typically made of stiff fabric or papery material. When not in use, Roman Blinds rest above the interior of your window and give the room a design accent. When in use, they maintain soft, folded crease lines for style. 

Modern Window Treatments: Frosted Glass

Another window treatment option is the addition of frosted glass. Frosted glass comes in a variety of textures, tints, and design options. Frost glass is a good option for privacy and limited glare reduction. Keep in mind that frosted glass also blocks your view out and cannot be drawn back at times when you want to see out. 

Modern Window Treatments: Shoji Window Screens

This Japanese inspired window treatment is a translucent screen installed in the interior of your window. Shoji window screens still allow natural light into your home or business without the harsh direct glare. 

Modern Window Treatments: SummerSpace FlexShade Screen Systems

At SummerSpace, we seek to create superior shade and privacy solutions with a stunning design and contemporary look. That is just what you get with our FlexShade window screens. FlexShade window screens are fully retractable for hassle free shade at the push of a button. FlexShade Non-Zip screens can be custom made to the inch to fit your windows. Get solar control and privacy when you want. Then, retract the screen in a matter of seconds for natural sun and outward views. FlexShade screens are the ideal window treatment for superior shade, privacy, and design features. 

Modern Window Treatments: Layered Options

If you can’t decide on just one window treatment option, consider a layered look incorporating more than one. For example, utilize FlexShade window screens for prime shade and privacy with Roman Blinds as an additional design feature. Get a custom look with layered window treatments. 

Shade and privacy are essential to enjoying and feeling comfortable in your interior space. With a modern window treatment, you can also get a modern design feature to enhance your space. If you’d like to learn more about the many amazing benefits of our FlexShade shade screens for windows, give our team a call. To order your FlexShade window treatment, contact our local dealers today! 

Modern Window Treatments Besides Drapery

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